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There are four ways to print information from ADempiere:

  • Print (Icon Print24.png)
  • Print Preview (Icon PrintPreview24.png)
  • Report (Report24.png)
  • Report Processes (Icon mReport.png)

For more information on Reports, see the Report page.


Print Print Preview
Icon: Center Center
Menu: File{{#if: Print | →Print }}{{#if: | → }}{{#if: | → }} File{{#if: Print Preview | →Print Preview }}{{#if: | → }}{{#if: | → }}
Short Cut: F12 <Alt> <Shift><P>


The Print and Print Preview buttons are enabled only if a report Process is defined in the {{#if: |{{{3}}}|Tab }} Tab of the {{#if: Window, Tab & Field|Window, Tab & Field|WindowTabField }} Window.


Print Preview (Icon PrintPreview24.png) will open a preview of the defined report for the Tab being viewed. Depending on the type of report, the Preview can be printed, archived, exported, filtered and configured.

Print (Icon Print24.png) will print the report directly to the default printer.

Note.gif Note:

There is a setting in the Tools{{#if: Preferences | →Preferences }}{{#if: | → }}{{#if: | → }} form called Always Print Preview. If this is selected, the Print and Print Preview functions will behave in the same way.

Note.gif Note:

The default printer is selected in the Defaults Tab of the Log In window. See Logging In to the Client for more information.

Depending on the type or report process attached to the Window Tab, the nature of the report can vary from a standard report to a specialized document such as an order, invoice or a shipping document. The type of report process is completely configurable in the Application Dictionary. See Report Processes for more information.

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For Developers

The software that performs the print and print preview functions can be found in:

  • client/src