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Sales letter addressed to a Managing Director about why he should choose Adempiere. --Alexander Tsang 10:32, 10 April 2007 (EDT)
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Here's your golden opportunity to build a sustainable competitive advantage by making a unique and lifelong investment in your IT system.

Take advantage of the UNIQUE open source value proposition, by
putting the power of timely and consistent information at the service of your employees, your partners and your customers.

Dear Managing Director,

Are you looking for the right information system that will allow your company to succeed? How would you know which IT software is the best solution for your company? Naturally, different companies (including us) will boast the merits of their own software by telling you how good it is and how it will help your business reach the skies. Making the right choice is the first crucial step.

What should you look for?

The right information system should:

  • Allow you to focus more on analyzing and deciding upon crucial information rather than wasting valuable resources on time consuming and ineffective activities such as: consolidating data from different departments and cross-checking these data for inconsistency and errors.

  • Prevent you from spending money on building expensive bridges to reduce information gaps among your different departments. In the long run, too many times, this proved to be an expensive solution and which is only partly satisfactory.

  • Provide you and your staff in real time with accurate and the right level of information they need to take informed decision,

  • Allow you to grow as your business needs are changing.

Choosing the right software for your company is crucial! Investing in the wrong system right at the start can be real setback. Somewhere along the line, because the system is not appropriate, you will probably need to spend much more money to only get an expensive and yet only a partially satisfactory solution. Even worst, you might even need to restart a new implementation costing thousand of dollars to your company. And this is without mentioning the implementation and change management pain you have to go through again.

I have THE answer for you: A solution that will really maximize value on your end. The magic formula: High quality, reliable as well as flexible software and whose total cost of ownership is probably one of the lowest.

If you want to know more please read further.



My name is Frederick Tsang Mang Kin. After graduating with BA (Hons) in Finance from Manchester University as well as with an MSc in Computer Science with Distinction from Imperial College in London, I worked for 3 years for Application Networks (a company that have received numerous awards for its software and that was eventually bought by Reuters). After gaining some solid experience there, I chose to set up my own company, known as Posterita. What do we do at Posterita? We are expert at developing WEB vertical plug-ins upon free open source ERP framework. To do so requires ERP expertise as well as technical skills in computer programming. Together with my team of business programmers, analysts, web architects, project manager as well as through a ring of trusted partners such as Idalica, we have helped many different companies across varied industries to implement their business strategy through the intelligent use of IT systems.

Dcwvmhgn 3cqhtvsf3.png

Idalica is a major US implementor of Open Source Business Solutions.  We have worked closely with Posterita on five substantial Compiere/ADempiere ERP implementations.  These have included a large electronic component brokerage firm with advanced customizations in support of the fulfillment process including legacy system integration, hardware integration, and shipper connectivity.  Also, the development of a franchise package, including a highly customized online ordering solution.

In all cases the team at Posterita has surpassed our expectations in the analysis of complex issues, the recommendation of appropriate solutions, and the prompt delivery of bullet-proof solutions.  We can't praise them highly enough!  We will be working with Posterita for years to come.

Joel Stangeland



There are many vendors coming with many different software packages. Each one of them recommends different solutions to you and also tells you theirs is best. How would you know which software suits your needs better? How often down the road after having purchased a solution do you hear from your IT department or the consultant that the software was not meant to do that? How often do you need to patch up your system with an expensive and nevertheless getting in the end only a partially satisfactory solution? Many aspects need to be taken into consideration before making the final choice such as:

  • the total cost of ownership,

  • he fit between your needs and what the software has to offer,
  • he experience and expertise of the consultants that will team up with you to implement the system,
  • ts capacity to evolve as your business needs change,
  • ts reliability and scalability,
  • uality and flexibility of its architecture, and so on..

Allow me to share my experience with you by explaining you when I had to choose a framework for building business web modules, how I made up my mind and why?

At Application Networks, now Reuters Financials, I was part of the team who was building 'JRisk', a framework upon which specialized and dedicated financial packages for investment banks could be plugged on. This platform, which was written and designed for flexibility and scalability, is now the application framework chosen by many first tier investment banks around the world with clients  such as Goldman Sachs, Union Bank Of Switzerland, SBC Warburg, Societe Generale, JP Morgan...

Dcwvmhgn 4dz7q3cgk.png

JRisk has won several prestigious awards including the Risk Award 2004, Bankers Technology Award in 2004 and 2005. And recently, Reuters acquired Application Networks for about US$ 41 Millions and renamed it Reuters Financials.

You can check it at:

Although I already left by the time Application Networks received these awards, I was one of the early software developers that helped pulled it all together. For this discussion to be meaningful, let me explain you what is an application framework. Sorry for the techincal jargon! Here it goes, in software development, a framework is defined as a support structure where other software projects can be organized and developed. A framework may include support programs, code libraries, a scripting language, or other software to help develop and glue together the different components of a software project. Frameworks are designed with the intent of facilitating software development, by allowing designers and programmers to spend more time on meeting software requirements rather than dealing with the more tedious low level details of providing a working system.  Developing upon a framework is nevertheless very challenging, the learning curve is very steep: developers must invest much time and effort to first understand it and only then start developing. I like this saying stating that it is complex to build simple things with frameworks but on the other hand with frameworks it is also simple to build complex things. 

When I set up my software development company, one of my main priorities was to find an APPROPRIATE and RELIABLE application framework upon which I can develop state of the art business applications. One day, I came across Adempiere (Compiere at that time). While evaluating it, I remember nodding in approval and telling myself: Wow, I think I got it now. My experience at Application Networks helped me much in appraising Compiere's endless possibilities. Not only Adempiere was a robust and reliable engine, it was also an open source project. What could I ask for more? It was technologically by far superior too much proprietary software and at the same time, the code was available for public viewing and without any licensing fees to pay. The very fact that the code was available meant that I could use them to plug in new modules upon it. This is not easily done, even impossible, on proprietary software. That made Adempiere the ideal choice for using it as an application framework.

Indeed, the more I was looking into it the more I was surprised by the depth, the flexibility and the power of Adempiere. It had it all! The architecture was simply amazing!

Here are some examples of what I found out at that time:

  • Breadth of information

The quantity and quality of information recorded and available are simply breathtaking. ADempiere is transaction based which means that each transaction, even each invoice line is stored separately on the database. There is a wealth of information for each transaction ranging from time stamps to product category and business partner, etc... Moreover, these data are recorded based on complex ERP logic and business rules.

I will try to guide you through a very simplified example to give you an overview. So, assume that your company GardenWorld invoiced John Doe for a chair, and Paul Smith for a table on the 03/04/2007. This is how the generated accounting from the transactions would look like in the database:

Dcwvmhgn 5hp5242cw.gif

A report regarding trade revenue can easily be created:

Dcwvmhgn 6d8r2qkqf.gif


As Adempiere engine records in great details transaction by transaction, you can get any information you want. Because of the way information is recorded, you can obtain reports on absolutely anything: You can view all trade revenues per organization. You might also want to know how many chairs you sold from the 4th to 5th of April as you may have had a promotion during that period. Or you might want to get details about stock movements per product, per organization, per product category and so on. I am sure you get my point because of the way transactions are recorded and because you can use as many fields as you want, you can get any type of reports you want...

  • Flexibility

It was very flexible because virtually any type of business transactions or processes can be tackled through the intelligent use and modeling under Adempiere. The existence of sophisticated tools like work flows, rule engines, and tax matrix enabled this.

  • A Multi-feature architecture:

    • Multi-organizations: (different organizational entities can share data or make sure that private data is not accessible by any other entities). This proved to be particularly useful when I built a WEB dealer communication platform with 56 independent dealerships, exchanging and purchasing items among themselves! Each one had only access to their own data but at the same time allowing the mother company to consolidate information from these different dealerships.

    • Multi-products/services: Adempiere can deal with any type of products ranging from gas or bread items and services, to resources like hotel rooms or health care. In other words, it can manage any type of products, services, resources, and items) and in any units of measure you can think of: by volume, by weight, by time, by quantity... In another implementation for the family business this time, we were able to design quickly a POS that can manage simultaneously a range of different services, products and products categories in the clothing industry: references such as t-shirts, caps, jeans were easily maintained together with many different product attributes such as brand, size, color, design and model.

    • Multi-Currency: Adempiere has the ability to make any transaction in any currency other than the one supported by your accounting system

    • Multi-Accounting and Multi-Costing: The ability to maintain different accounting schemas as well as different costing methods is supported by Adempiere. This is particularly useful for seeing different ways of calculating your profit or evaluating your costs....

    • Multi-Language: Adempiere supports several languages and is able to configure its screens and reports in various languages. This can be useful, if you plan to go international... Adempiere is also translated in over 20 languages right now...

    • Multi-Tax: ADempiere tax matrix can handle any tax system of any country.

Dcwvmhgn 7f8j257vq.png

Think of any business issues and Adempiere is able to tackle it! It is an ERP with capabilities ranging from supply chain management, performance analysis, CRM functionalities as well as accounting. Moreover, Adempiere is tailored to grow as your business needs are changing: it will grow with you. You will probably only use a fraction of what it has to offer. However, you KNOW that it can do whatever you will ask it to do. Adempiere is implemented and extended in several different industries. Examples are:

    • Libero is the MRP (material requirement planning) and CRP (Capacity requirement planning) extension of Adempiere. It manages business issues encountered in the production and manufacturing areas.

    • he community is also planning to integrate Adempiere with Pentaho allowing companies to benefit from business intelligence possibilities.
    • dempiere is used by the top 3 shippers in the world in the transportation and logistics business (air and ground) ..
    • etail industry: textile, hardware with serial number....
    • ospitality: hotel management with POS facility and on-line reservation management.

"Customers are accepting Adempiere. Recently we were able to get an implementation project at a 5 star hotel in India. [...] Our client demands complete integration of Adempiere with his web portal where customers can login and do their reservations. [...] We wanted to give try to posterita web gui [...]."

Regards' Sandeep.

    • There are many other industries that Adempiere is supporting. For further info, you can refer to

For all these reasons mentioned, I find Adempiere engine extremely pertinent to address any of the issues related to business activities. Ideally, I believe that Adempiere should be used as a back end upon which you can do all your accounting and process all your back-office operations. At the same time, you can also plug upon Adempiere additional modules such as dashboards, webstore, web POS and so on to suit front end needs.

Note that Adempiere uses the Compiere engine. However, following strategic disagreements between the community and Compiere board of directors, Compiere was forked to give birth to Adempiere. I was previously a Compiere partner. I prefer today recommending Adempiere as it allows me to deliver greater value to customers through the collaborative effort of the Adempierans: quicker bug fixing and better enhancements to the core.

  • A Web Point of sale with inventory management system, trade revenue, tax calculation as well as reports generation. On average a transaction is completed under 10 seconds, it was specifically designed with bar code and slip printing facilities. What the client requested above all was user friendliness and transaction speed. It can be used in the retail industry for distribution chains with multiple locations. All the information is consolidated upon one single database allowing reports to be produced in real time and enabling management to get reliable information on any questions they may have: quantity sold per item, per period, its stock movement, trade revenues per POS, per shop... Note that this project was also given by Posterita as Open source under the GPL license. There are screen shots, flash movies explaining how it works. For further details, you can refer to the Adempiere wiki:

  • A WEB Dealer Communication System, which I have built for a renowned Japanese automobile manufacturer in South Africa. On this sales platform, there are over 22,000 vehicles sold and exchanged a year, with over 56 dealerships scattered across South Africa and about 440 users. I also integrated this platform with the National Transport Information System allowing direct and on-line registration with the appropriate South African Authority. You can check the flash demos on:

  • Webstores: I have worked on many different types of webstores that use Adempiere as its back end. Presently, I am building a web interface, where parents are able to order on line food that their child will eat at their school's premises. To do so, I also needed to integrate a calendaring system to the webstore, so that the parents can easily plan the meals their child will have at school.

  • I have also thought about building a web collaboration management system on-line. Naturally, because it is on Adempiere, it is possible.

Benefits resulting from Implementing Adempiere.

  • Invest only once in your IT system: it is a Lifelong Investment!

Adempiere is designed in such a way that it will grow with you. Whether you are a small business aiming to become a medium-size and eventually a large company, the software has all the required features to adapt to any new business situations. Adempiere is a unique and lifelong investment for your business. It will help you in the long run to save a lot of resources and prevent you from building ineffective and expensive bridges between your different departments. Indeed on too many occasions, the inadequate solution proves to be very damaging to the company. It costs more and the end result is only partially satisfactory. Even worst sometimes, the company needs to re-implement a totally new system!

  • Benefit of the highest quality at the lowest cost!

The quality of Adempiere as an ERP is undeniable. People around the world are choosing Adempiere because of its numerous features, its architecture, its reliability, its flexibility and its scalability. At the same time, because it is an open source project, you need not pay for any license fees and at the same time you can prevent yourself from a supplier lock in.

  • Build a lasting competitive advantage by adopting Adempiere as your IT platform!

Adempiere puts the "power of timely and coherent information at your service." It is able to keep all your business transactions in a single and coherent information set among your different departments. This allows Adempiere to provide to each type of user in real time exactly the right level of information he needs and the right level of information he is allowed to access. Adempiere possesses a superior ERP/CRM architecture which enables you to tackle any business issues due to the existence of sophisticated tools such a work flow, rule engine, its multi- architecture (see above), etc...

  • Obtain Real time data anytime and anywhere!

Whether you are in your office, at your place, attending a conference somewhere in Europe or even on holidays far in the Caribbean islands, provided you have access to Internet, you can get any information you might need about your company on a real time basis through Adempiere. All you need to do is to login to the system...

  • Take advantage of all future Adempiere add-ons and patches. You can expect frequent updates and features due to its high speed development!

The value of Adempiere codes is estimated at over US$ 40 Million. This is available for free to you!  As the Adempiere Bazaar community is developing and adding more functionalities, the value of the software, and so the value to you, is increasing. As we speak, people are working on the Adempiere framework nights and days to make it become better and more powerful.  This is reason why Adempiere bazaar has constantly been rated as one of the most active project on

  • Add any verticals you might think of on Adempiere to exactly match your business needs!

Adempiere offers you the opportunity to add more plug-in in the framework as your needs evolves. Modules such as Point of Sale, Dealer Communication System, and webstore are already available. Yet, because of its superior and unrivaled architecture, you know that we can design any modules you need or you might need in the future!

I hope you are convinced that implementing an Adempiere solution in your company is the logical and sensible choice: Adempiere's value proposition is unbeatable!. Nevertheless, if you need any further information, feel free to contact me at


Dcwvmhgn 8djd276hb.png

Frederick Tsang Mang Kin

Founder and Director of Posterita

P.S. Just in case you're still hesitating, let me help you evaluate your options...

Option #1: You can choose to do nothing

You might believe somewhere in your mind that your current IT system is the still the most effective one. But let's face it…you probably wouldn't have read this far if you weren't motivated to find a better alternative for it, would you? Let's take a look at your other options.


Option #2: You can choose a software that will give you a quick-fix solution

This is the option that some people would have chosen based on the urgency of the situation. It helps to obtain a quicker solution to your problem, but will it be able to grow as your company grows?

They might not be the perfect long-term solution!


Option #3: You might still want to choose another alternative that is being proposed to you. But this also implies that you will have to spend massive amounts on software licensing. Also, bear in mind that because of the proprietary aspect of these software, you cannot find independent supplier to build upon your software additional modules.

On the other hand will they be offering you the same features and benefits?


Option #4:  Choose Adempiere as your application framework and benefit from the numerous advantages that it proposes at virtually no cost. Moreover, you will always keep pace with changes and evolutions to your business. And remember, on Adempiere, you will be able to plug upon it any modules you might think of...


Time for you to choose...

Which option makes the most sense to you? I bet I can read your mind!


P.S.S. Don't let this golden chance pass you by!

This is a golden opportunity to bring a sustainable competitive advantage to your company.

Think well!