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Following some discussion in the roadmap about some features, here would be a good start to define how it all should really behave.

If a plan is well defined, coding becomes a no brainer.

Touch screen

The complexity is to have the POS, to have a dual fonctionality without duplicating efforts.

One way to do this would be to have a button next to different textfield, and then either a small keyboard pops up. Or we enter a full screen which would be very convenient to input, and once the value is inputted it will return back to the original screen.

We do have some problem with that method when we have the smart textfield. Which at every stroke will propose some value to the user.

Could also have on the keyboard a tab field.

The keyboard could be semi-transparent.

Customer Loyalty programme

Initial thoughts:

Create a new currency call points. Everytime a sales would be made, a credit invoice would be made to the same business partner by using the currency exchange rate. So if we decide to have a 1 USD spent at the shop = 1 point. Then the exchange rate would be 1:1.

We could also have some products that can be bought with points. so that would be quite flexible.

days when we want to make some special promotion we can just change the exchange rate for that date. Double points day!

Mass mailing

This is a functionality that might be added in Adempiere core.

Help for New User

Use the same help that Adempiere uses and push it on the web.

Categorise Inventory

Department E.g mens women,

       Sub Dept E.g Shirt pants, 
       Sub dept 2 E.g Basics Daily use 
       sub dept 3 Size code 
       about 7 to 8 depts in alpha numeric format when a particular department cell is reached should drop down
       to give all depts listed in particular dept