Posterita Screenshots

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Main Screens

PosteritaMain.jpg PosteritaClient.jpg

Cash Sales Multiple Discount

Cash sales mutl discnt.png

Cash Sales Multiple Discount (Advanced Screen)

Cash sales mult discnt advanced.png

Credit Sales

Credit sales new.png

Credit Sales (Drafted Mode)

Credit sales drafted new.png

Settle Payment on Credit sales

Top part of screen

Settle payment top.png

Bottom part of screen

Settle payment bottom.png

Goods Received Note

Goods received note.png

Performance Analysis

Pie Chart

Pie chart.png

Bar Chart

Bar chart new.png

Order History

Order History.png

Stock Inquiry

Stock inquiry.png

Inventory Adjustment

Inventory adjustment.png

Create Customers

Create customer.png


View Products

Products new.png

Import Products

Import product.png