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Posterita Roadmap

Current Tasks

These are new features that we are currently working on.

  • Split Inventory
  • More reports
  • PostgreSQL combatability. Joseph Brower Requested.
  • Packaging posterita.

Requested Features

Please add some of your ideas here, We'll proceed to a vote to prioritize them.

  • Show currency symbols on all appropriate screens. - Joseph Brower Requested
  • Improved search engine. - Joseph Brower Requested
  • Add description to inventory moves from POS system. - Joseph Brower Requested.
  • Multiple Barcodes for a single product (useful when many products of the same time come from differant vendors with different products.) Joseph Brower Requested
  • Scroll through the search results when there are more than 15 to show (useful when a product is searched for and they don't exactly what it is called.) Joseph Brower Requested
  • Buy one get one free. Vincent Low requested.
  • Replication of database, when server is down.
  • when the user power-on the PC, the POS system be loaded automatically. When the user leaves (logoff from the POS) the PC is power-off. Terence Ng requested.
  • Should like to be categorise the inventory (Sharads ' Request)
  • Should be able to help new user with pop boxes or ? mark next to the cells for help
  • Replication of data is within the store between the server and pos machine, Store and head office and once updated should replicate to stores. The replication should be on need to do basis.
  • The data of all store shuold be visible to other stores as warehouse inventory at different location. but to be only altered by authorized person.
  • Should be able to to look up a item either by SKu Short # or system barcode scan or manufacturers barcode by entering any one.
  • Cross selling or suggestive selling Products at the POS station
  • Layways , Layways Tracking Over due list Layways for fixed days and extensions granted situation
  • Multiple Sales Person per order
  • Returns on same receipt multiple payment options like cash credit Card exchanges gift certificates credit memos and some user definable
  • discounts per item, Discounts over particular item on particular departments.
  • when customer name entered should show purchase history if required what they have bought and what can suggested for purchase.
  • Customer Loyalty Program
  • When the store is opened in department store where cash is collected by department store and POS terminal is not required. A simpified interface for using PDA/Cisco Unified IP phone (Check "Intelligent Fitting Rooms" in to record products sold or look up an item.
  • Track inventory by serial number as well as part number. That way returns are much easier to manage (as we can scan/type the serial number and see if it is valid) - Joseph Brower Suggested
  • OpenLDAP user registration (for webstore)

Documentation Roadmap

  • Enhance the documentation already given here with more user testing experience and checking.
  • Expand on Developer Eclipse setup and debug tutorials and how tos.
  • Write application flow specifications
    • routine - System, functional and DB change processes involved

(Anyone wishing to collaborate/contribute to our ongoing voluntary effort here is welcome - Red1)