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Who Are Behind posterita?

The Birth of posterita

You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star. Nietzsche
This quotation, I believe, sums up the whole history of posterita. Please read on....

Frederick Tsang was part of the development team of the multi-award winner framework (JRisk) upon which leading banking modules are developed. [1]. Application Network was subsequently acquired by Reuters, which specializes in the business of trading upon real time information. After spending 3 years at Application Network in London, Fred decided to set up Kaizensoft in Mauritius to start his own project: a full web based accommodation marketplace, where renters and owners could contract out and rent places. Technically speaking, the project was a success! Still, Fred was not totally happy as he was convinced that somewhere there should be a framework upon which web applications could be developed at a much quicker pace and with more flexibility. The answer was Compiere! Shortly after the training, on the recommendation of JJ, a South African company UDI Group [2] (Derek Naidoo and Nathan Mariemuthu) approached Fred and his brother Alex to set up another company by the name of UDI Mauritius to work on building a web enabled DCS (Dealer Communication System) upon Compiere for one of the leading automobile company in South Africa. Once the project was about to finish, they started refusing making payments and sharing the revenues from the project as agreed. They managed to convince some developers at UDI Mauritius to come to Johannesburg, to steal and explain them how does the source code work. To our knowledge, in 2005, this was the largest Compiere implementation (in fact it was a SOA): 56 dealerships, 440 users and 22,000 items (vehicles and engines) sold online. After this major financial set back, in March 2006, Alex and Fred decided to set up another company by the name of Tamak ICT, which specialises in the development of verticals such as POS (Point of Sales), Webstore and collaboration management tool.
In January 2007, after much discussion with Adempiere's Council and a trip to Malaysia to meet Red1, Tamak ICT decided to: 1/ make all its plugins available as open source
2/ to change its name from Tamak ICT to Posterita.

Alexander Tsang


And closure

As of December 2008 Fred has taken Posterita's main development closed source, non-downloadable and it can now only be found as pay per month software as a service (Saas) at Historic versions remain in the ADempiere trunk. Posterita in trunk is maintained by Trifon

What's in a name?

Posterita, was derived from an early suggestion by red1: POSture. The idea was excellent in that it would include POS in it. Obviously was taken, and it was imperative that the following .com and .org were available. After playing with different Pos words. Positive, Possible, etc... we found posterity. Found an italian name for it, Posterita. Italian names seem to be a tradition in our community. Compiere, Adempiere, Compilo, Libero.
And there it was, we opted to change the name from Tamak ICT to Posterita. The websites were registered, together with the trademarks.

posterita logo: Our official logo unleashed

  • The polls has revealed its verdict
  • See the results here.

posterita logo: The Final Countdown

  • We are shortly reaching the climax concerning our logo
  • Two logos have emerged from the shorlist and will battle against each other on the polls for 1 week
  • Go to our website to cast in your vote. We will be closing the poll in 1 week time.posterita

posterita logo: Short List Taken from Proposals

  • From the list of logos, a short list comprising six of them were chosen, from which two will emerge and compete against each other so as to be designated as Posterita's official logo.
  • View the shortlist here

posterita logo: The Making of...

  • The community has responsed in a usual positive way by submitting several logos for Posterita.
  • Unfortunately only one of them will be chosen. But the process will be a democratic one, involving everyone of you.

posterita: The company

Our Mission

To allow your company to reach its full potential and to increase its competitive advantage through our tailor made, user friendly and innovative IT solutions.

Our Business

To be a world class provider and designer of web applications and IT solutions, which allows us to deliver maximum added value to your business.

Our Techniques

  • Usage of Open Source
  • Our expertise in state of the art technologies
  • The simplification of the daily tasks and procedures of your business processes.

Our Assets

  • Dynamic, rigorous and competent business programmers,
  • Our understanding of your business processes,
  • Our significant investments in R&D,
  • Our in-house quality procedures.

Our Values

  • A philosophy based upon fairness and sharing.
  • Principles anchored on responsibility and performance.
  • Integrity and ethical values.