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posterita is developed upon both ERP/CRM features (Adempiere/Compiere) and web technologies. From POS features and inventory management to advanced trade accounting, CRM and performance management, posterita is the complete and ultimate solution to manage a retailing businesses with personal computers.
Beneath the appealing, easy to use web interface of posterita plug-ins is a rock-solid foundation that is engineered for stability, reliability and performance that is anchored upon the latest state-of-the-art Open Source technologies
The system is designed to be secure, reliable and compatible accross different platforms. Moreover, the web-client-server architecture allows the simultaneous and real time management of multiple outlets or organizations within a single server.

Functionality Gap

POS Systems by Alejandro Falcone has described what is expected from a Point of Sale System. Here we are listing features that posterita sets out to fulfill.


  • With any operating system
  • With several web browsers
  • With PCs and POS Hardware (Touch screen, barcode reader, thermal printer and cash drawers
  • Single server support for multiple POS found in multiple outlets
  • Complete control over all data

Centralised System Architecture

  • Accessible anytime & anywhere
  • Single database ensuring centralised, coherent and real time data
  • Single server support for multiple POS found in multiple outlets
  • Complete control over all data

Retail POS Cash Sales

  • Very fast (less than 5 seconds) to scan a barcode and complete the order sales cycle
  • Smart product name and customer discovery fields
  • Print receipts in various formats
  • Multiple payment options and mixed payment supported (cash, card or cheques)
  • Till and cash book management
  • Support for customer returned orders
  • Management of promotional offers and discounts

Retail POS Credit Sales

  • Payment allocation for each customer
  • Customer credit check beofre processing order
  • Due date reports filtered by date and by customer
  • Statement of account per customer
  • Dunning

Performance Management

  • Real time and reliable reports
  • Orders tracking adn drill down
  • Bar chart, pie chart, time series and tabular viewing of key statistics
  • Executive analysis tools (sales, stock,etc...) in graphical formats
  • Export facility to spreadsheets or csv format

Advanced Trade accounting

  • Cost of goods sold
  • Gross profit
  • VAT and Tax Management

Customer Relationship Management

  • Unlimited creation of customers
  • Customer fidelity card
  • 360 degree view of customer that includes contact and sale histories drill-down

Stock and Purchase Management

  • Quick import of products from CSV fles
  • Create and edit products
  • Search product module
  • Automatic barcode generator
  • View material movement and stcok availability
  • Inventory Control and adjustment
  • Goods received and goods returned notes


  • Support Multiple Terminals
  • Terminals can be configured to have different warehouses, price list, and cash book
  • Support Multiple Organisations

Features List

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