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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are FAQs that one would or already been asking about posterita, what makes them tick and what they have in store for us. Many of these FAQs are derived from the project SourceForge forums, and some are even directly entered here. Usually the posterita team members will visit this page and answer them as they appear. Do rest assure that posterita is happening - as in its semantics - it is posterity.

Raison d'etre

  • WHY did Posterita from Mauritius contribute posterita POS?
    • They are progressive and recognise progress hitting the streets of software industry such as:
      • Going Open Source trend by many top and groundbreaking products
      • Best method of distributing and claiming market mindshare
      • Best method of testing and evolving best product
      • Competitive disadvantage of not putting it Open Source
    • They wish to consolidate resources to:
      • Focus on branding a vertical rather than a myriad of noisy activity
      • Avoid hiring further resource that otherwise provided by the community
      • Make all-rounds savings costs particularly in marketing and branding effort
    • Harness the best of the Web
      • Go for no.1 ranking in their own right with their own brainchild
      • Web's promiscous nature of sending their named product far and wide within a singularity medium of just mouse clicks rather than the legacy way of calling, soliciting and red-tape.
  • HOW does posterita makes money?
    • Via branded position of been no.1 Getting their name to the right places and ears, their faces to the right tubes and eyes.
    • Via up-ladder high-worth services and consultancy
    • Via saving more in the first place
  • WHAT is Posterita experience with Open Source ERP?
    • They paid tribute to Compiere by signing up as partners (previously)
    • They crafted a Point of Sales system with multiple web-stores onto Compiere framework, fulfilling the need for a better GUI.
    • They read all the books they could get their hands on about Open Source business and strategy.
    • They walk the talk by participating in Compiere Partners Conference and honour their commitment to the partnership (to the very end).
    • They took the red pill by going Open, risking their own investments and protecting their precious human resource.
  • WHY did Posterita (ex TAMAK ICT) 'leave' Compiere?
    • They were constructively forced to leave by a new proposed partnership agreement that disallow further contribution and locking them iron-clad to a single commercial entity.
    • They notice the difference in the Open Source philosophy practiced by Compiere as compared to what is now practiced by ADempiere.
    • They wish to go back if conditions change. They have deep gratitude for Compiere and still hope this great project can be saved.
  • What specials can ADempiere do for them now?
    • Nothing less than a reciprocative mutlipier effect to brand them as No.1.
    • Promotional prominent advert placements for targeted segments in all their associated sites.
    • Business references from market enquiries channeled to them as rightful vertical player.
    • The bazaar's collective commitment to protect and ensure that Contributors Are Priceless.
    • Red1's personal promise - "This is my promise...".

(This raison detre piece is written by Red1 and based on his personal meetings with the Tsang brothers when they came to Malaysia in January 2007. They may wish to edit this but i m not tempting them.)
I have just edited the company name as Tamak ICT is now Posterita. Otherwise, I must say that what Red1 wrote in this article translates fully our vision and our thoughts on going open source. Also, I will take this opportunity to thank him for sharing his open source secrets with us. Alexander Tsang

Technical troubleshooting

  • Having worries to run Posterita effectively? Find all the questions and answers concerning the technical aspects

Queries on features

  • Does each POS has its own database? (asked by Vincgoh)

No, Posterita is a business web application. It works like Gmail, hotmail and so on. As such, the different clients communicate to the server where the central database is located.
"Alexander Tsang"

  • Does Posterita handle promotion management (such as buy one get one free)? (asked by Vincent_low)

No. This feature has been requested before by prospective clients but it is not in the product at the moment.
Fred Tsang

I believe that there might be some kind of work arounds by using the discount. So that, if you invoice 2 items at the same time, you give a 50% discount.
"Alexander Tsang"

  • Does it handle rounding? Can we say round down the value to nearest 5cents. Eg $1.53 will be $1.50, $1.59 will be $1.55 for cash payment while other payment type like VISA or debit card will be full value? (asked by Vincent Goh)

No. Feature not supported at the moment.

  • I am looking for a feature which is not supported at the moment. What do I do?

Please go to the posterita wiki and post the request there. We will try to implement the most requested feature after the voting process by the community.
Fred Tsang

  • A retail chain with shops located in different geographical areas want to implement Posterita as a POS for these different stores. Is that possible? (asked by Vincent Low)

There are two possibiities at the moment: a/ Install in each shop an Adempiere with posterita.
Advantage: this is a local network and the application will always run.
Issues: As there is no database replication facility in Adempiere so far, you cannot aggregate all the information accross the different shops.

b/ Install one Adempiere server and posterita and access the server remotely using internet and other communications means (leased lines,...)
Advantage: you get real time and synchronised information accross the chain. You know exactly the amount of money you have in each till, the products you sold etc...
Issues: if you use internet, and there is no connection, the POS does not work. You might need to set up a manual procedure.
Setting up a reliable private network is possible but expensive.
"Alexander Tsang"

  • Could Posterita use in Professional Touch Screen Terminal e.g. IBM SurePos 500? I cannot find the screenshots showing that it is touch screen ready. Moreover, it has built-in Customer Display Pole. Do Posterita support? The purpose of using touch screen because it saves spaces and not because there is only few items to sell; therefore, barcode scanner is required but no keyboard. (asked by Terence Ng)

Posterita does support touch screen, in some way. However I think I know what you mean by 'touch screen'. Is it a series of box representing individual product. If so no it is not implemented yet, but would take about 2 weeks to implement such a feature. Barcode scanner is already supported. The customer display pole is not yet implemented. Fredtsang Keyboard snapshot.jpg

No, since there is a bunch of items to sell; therefore, a series of box representing individual product is not necessary. I mean there is no NUMBER PAD on the screen for inputing cash received from customers quickly and conveniently. I personally think that keyboard can be popped up in option but number pad should not. Therefore, it is better if there is an option for user to choose whether the screen layout is for touch screen with no keyboard or not in initial setup. (answered by Terence Ng)

We hear you load and clear Terence, this area needs improvement and we have had a 2 hour meeting concerning this feature, we are fiddling around to find a best way to integrate such a feature inside. We are finding to have a number pad constantly on the screen convenient but take an awful amount of prime space. We will be reviewing how the keyboard pops out and the size of it can be reduce. We will also probably specialise the keyboard. That is we can have just a number keypad or a keyboard. Fredtsang

Sharad Sharma

  • I have posted some features and if you guys quote how much it can cost I would like to donate the changed code to the community.
  • First of all, let me thank you for considering donations for improving the posterita pos. We will have a look and come back to you. Alexander Tsang 10:14, 4 March 2007 (EST)

>I have another problem with selecting existing garden world client. I tries every possible methos. I can not select >existing client and existing product in garden world.(asked by Harinda (Ghat Solutions)

yes GardenWorld client is not visible, because when we create a client through posterita we populate some data in the database tables for that client, since gardenWorld does not has that data, that is why it is not visible. Because of this reason only, we have a test client in the database provided in the zip. We have not been able to sort out the problem of classpath, as there are some problems with the signing of the jars, we hope to get them right once we are able to make a package of posterita, and then we can provided gardenworld as a test client.

  • Does Posterita POS send data into Adempiere so that the ERP is Adempiere and POS is Posterita, so that the HQ has second by second update of the sales happening in stores so that demand and capacity planning can be done? (asked by Venkatesh Sridhar)

Am not sure I really understand that question, but Posterita uses the same Order, Invoice, Payments that Adempiere uses. So anything that is entered through posterita will be in Adempiere. Posterita uses Adempiere as a framework. So yes you will have real time data, if your stores uses posterita together with Adempiere. As for demand and capacity planning you can use whatever fonctionality ADempiere has.

  • Could Posterita POS be use from a Web-Server, if each branch (lets says 2) want to have access only to the inventory that they hold, and at the same time have both branches inventories as a Virtual Store? (asked by Onavp)
  • (Please follow Etiquette. Some questions here were edited as they contain multiple '???' That is not good practice. - Red1 06:03, 14 April 2009 (PDT)