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Posterita recognizes that different entities have obviously different needs. For example, you might be a large integrator looking to build an offshore software development house. Similarly, you might have a project and would like to team up on a pay as you go basis. Alternatively, you might want to set up a joint venture with Posterita for a longer partnership. Or may be you have just implemented a Posterita solution for example the POS and would like to sign a maintenance and support agreement. Or even, you have an issue and would like us to solve it for you. We tried to identify different business models that will align your objectives with those of Posterita. We basically have two broad offers one for walking customer and the other one for our affiliates. We are open, if you have any other suggestions about how we can make business together, we would be happy to hear from you. You can contact us at either or at

Hire us on a hourly basis and pay as you go

Our standard prices from the 1st July 2007 to the 30th June 2008 are as follow:

  • 200 USD per hour for partner
  • 100 USD per hour Architect
  • 70 USD per hour for a Senior developer
  • 50 USD per hour for Developer
  • 30 USD per hour for Junior Developer

At Posterita, the more hours you used - the more you save! You will earn a Volume Bonus discount once you use over 150 hours per month. The Volume Bonus is calculated in stepped up tiers based on the total number of hours used each month.

This is illustrated in the volume tier based discount table below.

Volume Tier Based Discount Table for a developer
Tier Hours used Price per hour for a junior developer Percentage discount
Tier 1 0-150th hour 50.00 USD 0
Tier 2 151th hour -500th hour 46.50 USD 7%
Tier 3 500th hour to 1000th hour 42.50 USD 15%
Tier 4 1000th hour to .... 39.00 USD 22%

The same rationale applies for any of the resource at Posterita. Say for example that you contract out to Posterita for a given month, the resources as per table below

Resource Rate No of hours consumed Total without discount
Junior 50 150 7500
Senior 70 50 3500
Architect 100 20 2000
Partner 200 5 1000
Total 225 14000

So your total number of hours for the month is 225 hours, Posterita will use all these hours on a pro-rata basis to calculate the discount. The average hour rate is thus 14,000/225= 62.22 USD. The discount of 7% starts for the 151th hour. This is illustrated below:

Tier Standard price Discount for tier Invoice Amount
From 0-150th hour 9,333 0 9,333
151th to the 225th hour 4,667 7.00% 4,340
Total 14000 2.33% 13,673

Note that invoices are sent every two weeks and the amount is payable 10 days after the invoicing date.

Advanced Booked Time

Posterita proposes also an advanced booked time scheme, where you can reserve time in advance for Posterita resources. This contract is valid for a minimum period of 6 months and as soon as the agreement is signed the monthly invoice amount is due. Note that resources not used during any previous month cannot be carried forward and used in the following month. Similarly, if you exceed the number of hours you originally booked, you cannot offset them against hours of the next month. And you will be invoiced at the standard rate. Naturally, volume tier based discount as described in the scheme no1 will apply. The reference for hours used of the calculation of hours consumed is that of a junior developer. One hour of a senior developer would count as 1.4 hour of senior and an architect hour would count as 2

Advanced Book time scheme

Support and Maintenance Agreement for Posterita products

We are able to sign a joint support and maintenance agreement for Posterita product with you for your end customer if you so wish. A typical bronze support contract would be to pay 199$ per month for 12 months and you would benefit of a support package of 60 hours. This 60 hours can be used anytime during the first year. These 60 hours is only valid on the supported product. (39.8$/hour)

We provide support via email, gotomeeting, skype, vnc and other methods.

The support time can be used for training, question and answer, priority bug fixes, and light customisation, upgrade, and configuration issue.

The bronze support is valid only during our working hours. Support time is consumed by 15 minutes basis.

Should the support contract be exceeded then we will charge the standard pay as you go basis.

Silver and Gold support are not yet finalized, and these would include a 24/7 support and the gold an 1 hour response time. If you urgently need this type of support please contact us.

We can also propose a contract with you where we can help you, you can reach us at either: or

Fix price contract

You have clear functional specification and would like to outsource to Posterita. We can offer that service too. Please get in touch with us on or

Issue and Support Ticket

Posterita offers, a ticket solving issue at 100 USD per issue, send your issue to Posterita. Some issues may not be considered as an issue, but more of a requirement or a development criteria, Posterita reserves the right to refuse such work under the issue ticket program. We will not spend more than 2 hours on an issue, should there be more hours required, we would ask you to purchase an extra issue.

If we can't fix it, you don't pay us

Joint Venture

Dedicated Resources

Posterita can help you set your offshore software development house while benefiting from Posterita expertise and taking advantage from reduced development costs. The following diagram outlines the proposed business framework:

The new structure Y will be owned at 100% by you. Posterita has already negotiated a fix fee for setting up this structure (trading licences, incorporation papers,...) and for providing accounting services with a renowned chartered accountant firm in Mauritius.

As a consultant for your offshore company which is totally owned by you, Posterita will be responsible for: Recruiting junior software developers or senior software developers Training these resources Managing them for you

And in return, Posterita will charge management and consulting fees to that structure. Moreover, to facilitate operations and allow knowledge to flow among the different Adempiere specialists, we can provide the necessary infrastructure to your outsourcing company in our own office. We can provide against a fix monthly fee internet access, computer, office space and so on.

This scheme will allow you to remain in a total control of your resource and will let you decide how to manage them. Note that, on some projects, you can also contract with Posterita for providing other resources when needed. Again, scheme 1 and 2, where you can benefit from volume based discount also applies. Software Development in Mauritius

To find out more about this scheme please get in touch with us: or

Affiliate Program

More details to follow