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Posterita in L'Express newspaper

Each Thursday, L'Express, the daily Mauritian newspaper, publishes articles co-authored by Alexandre and Frederick Tsang Mang Kin on the topic of Open Source.

Posterita's 4th Article

  • For the fourth week in a row, L'Express published yet another article co-authored by the directors of Posterita.
  • For this edition, Alexandre and Frederick wrote on the second part of "Philosophical Tenets of Open Source", thus building on the previous one. The exposé explains the logic behind open source and the importance of having a community to help on your software.

Posterita's 3rd Article

  • This thursday (15 March 2007) saw L'Express unleash Posterita's third article in their daily edition.
  • Titled as "Philosophical Tenets of Open Source (Part 1)", the co-authors laid emphasis on "what is open souce and why people go for it". Specific reasons were given for the rationale behind the collaborative work and the open development process.

Posterita's 2nd Article

  • L'Express has published the second article in today's edition (8th March 2007).
  • For the second editorial, Alexandre and Frederick Tsang Mang Kin analysed the issue of open source bringing disruptive effects in different fields apart from IT. Titled again as “Voices from the Open Souce Revolution” the column talks about the open source revolution in the scope of health & medecine, education, office suite, food & beverage, and the media

Posterita's 1st Article

  • In their first editorial, the co-directors of Posterita focused their attention on the revolution created by open source on the world stage. Titled as “Voices from the Open Souce Revolution” (title taken from the famous book of Di Marco et al), the exposé deals mainly with the momentum gathered by open source as a new paradigm shift.
  • Published in L'Express on 1st March 2007