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Setup in the Client window


  • This is the result of Usability project by a Thailand systems integrator with a growing number of users who are considering Oracle Financials ERP or ADempiere.
  • Many of the features or more better user-friendly requests are resolved and the sourcecode put in the ISEC branch


(NOTE:If you have queries on how they are done, just ask in the respective trackers or my talk page and i be glad to answer there! - red1)

How To Test

  • First download the customization.jar.
  • Place it in your <Adempiere_Home>/lib folder.
  • Go to <Adempiere_Home> and RUN_silentsetup.
  • In your GardenWorld's Client window (see above) place the validator.
  • Test a new Invoice(Customer) and complete it to see that the Pay Schedule works.
  • If you have tax you will notice that it is posting to Tax_Liability account instead.
  • If you setup a Movement document as needing Confirmation and when you confirms that, it automatically completes the Movement.
  • If you made allocate Payment to the Invoice, and then you reverse the Invoice, it will stop you with a message saying which Payment needs to reverse first.

Test from Source

  • Setup ADempiereTrunk and MyValidatorThailand projects in your favorite IDE
  • Make MyValidatorThailand depend on the ADempiereTrunk project
  • Debug from MyValidatorThailand

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