Metas Subscription Module

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Metas subscription module plan.png

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  • Order Window (existing)
    • chose a product
    • column subscription gives you the possibility to chose a subscription contract for that product
      • hint: only available when product is on subscription price list
    • add other products as non-subscriptions
  • Subscription Window (new. see picture on the right)
    • contains the history per subscription and customer
    • allows to change the contract according to subscription contract rules
      • subscription break (e.g. vacation)
      • subscription termination
      • subscription Change
  • Price List (existing)
    • mark as subscription price list
    • give a product a special subscription price
    • product not on subscription price list can not be sold as subscription
  • Subscription Contract Window (new)
    • define different subscription contracts
      • price list
      • Quantity to ship
      • Subscription frequency
      • Quantitiy per frequency
    • define conditions that apply when you change between contracts
      • charge amount
      • pricing
      • product for generating invoice
      • Timeframe when a contract change is allowed
  • shipment plan Window (new)
    • contains order lines to ship and their quantities
    • allows to change quantity, priority, shipment location
  • Subscription Scheduler (new)
    • Writes contract history
    • creates shipment plan entry
  • shipment Scheduler (new)
    • determines according to stock, priority and chronological sequence if order line is to be shiped


create and ship a subscription

  • use column "subscription" on order line to make an order line a subscription
    • hint: other line in the order can be non-subscription
  • subscription plan is created according to subscription contract
    • plan contains dates when subscription is going to be shipped
  • an entry in shipment plan is created on day of delivery
  • order is shipped via generate shipments together with non-subscription products
  • subscription plan is updated