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Functional Description

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Техническое описание

Финансовые отчеты основаны на следующих таблицах

  • PA_Report
    • PA_ReportColumnSet
      • PA_ReportColumn
    • PA_ReportLineSet
      • PA_ReportLine
        • PA_ReportSource
  • C_AcctSchema
  • C_Calendar

The report generator looks on table T_REPORT and invokes process to fill temporary table.

T_REPORT has only 21 columns (0 to 20)


Fix parameters

Fix where clause based on parameters and hierarchy.

Create a list of accounting periods of tables C_Period and C_Year with fields C_Period_ID, Name, StartDate (first day of month), EndDate (last day of month), YearStartDate (first day of year)


SELECT   p.c_period_id, p.NAME, p.startdate, p.enddate, MIN (p1.startdate)
    FROM c_period p INNER JOIN c_year y ON (p.c_year_id = y.c_year_id),
         c_period p1
   WHERE y.c_calendar_id = ?
     AND p.periodtype = 'S'
     AND p1.c_year_id = y.c_year_id
     AND p1.periodtype = 'S'
GROUP BY p.c_period_id, p.NAME, p.startdate, p.enddate
ORDER BY p.startdate

If period field is left blank process takes the period corresponding to TODAY


This method insert in T_Report records for the instance of process AD_PInstance_ID, according to the defined ReportLineSet


INSERT INTO t_report
            (ad_pinstance_id, pa_reportline_id, record_id, fact_acct_id,
             seqno, levelno, NAME, description)
   SELECT ?, pa_reportline_id, 0, 0, seqno, 0, NAME, description
     FROM pa_reportline
    WHERE isactive = 'Y' AND pa_reportlineset_id = ?

If "Update Balance" is seleted then the process FinBalance.updateBalance is executed, this process update existing Fact_Acct_Balance records from Fact_Acct, and then insert into Fact_Acct_Balance the non existing records in Fact_Acct.

For each line of report type SegmentValue (S)

For each column not calculation gets the select according with the AmountType of line, or of AmountType of column if line has that field blank.

First letter of Amount Type determines the query:

Balance - acctBalance(Account_ID,AmtAcctDr,AmtAcctCr)
Credit - AmtAcctCr
Debit - AmtAcctDr
Qty - Qty

Then process define the work period, if it's relative subtract/add the relative value of current period for report.

Second letter of Amount Type determines the period:

Period - BETWEEN StartDate AND EndDate
Year - BETWEEN YearStartDate AND EndDate
Total - <= EndDate

Example of a final query:

SELECT SUM (acctbalance (account_id, amtacctdr, amtacctcr))
  FROM fact_acct_balance
 WHERE dateacct BETWEEN DATE '2004-01-01' AND DATE '2004-05-31'

Moreover to this query conditions are added according to hierarchy and PostingType.

Function acctBalance does the following: returns DB-CR, or returns CR-DB if account is of credit nature.
If account is type N (Natural), then is credit with type is not A or E.

With founded value it updates the columns COL_X of table T_Report.

If the report must list sources then it proceeds to insert details on T_Report.
These lines on T_Report with Level = 1 (or -1 if must be reported before)
Transactions are level = 2 (or -2 if must be reported before)

Then process executes calculations over calculated columns.

Reported Bugs

Although this bug appears as closed and fixed, current code still has the bug.

Enhancement Requests