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Lokad is an hosted solution for business forecasting. Lokad delivers statistical forecasting based on a collaborative technology.

Disclaimer: Lokad is basically a paid on-demand online service, like PayPal or Google AdWords for example. The software components used to integrate Lokad within ADempiere are released as open source, but those components rely on the Lokad Web Services; thus, a non-free subscription is required.

How Lokad works

Big picture of the Lokad forecasting technology

Lokad delivers a statistical forecasting technology that can be accessed through Web Services (see our Java tutorial).

Lokad.com itself is not open-source, yet all 3rd party connectors used to integrate the Lokad technology are released as open source. Learn more about open source components available for Lokad on the products page.

Inventory optimization and demand forecasting

Lokad provides add-ons that supports ADempiere. Don't waste time or money on your inventory. Start optimizing stock levels now through Lokad Safety Stock Calculator.

If you keep too much inventory, your expenses go up. But if you reduce too much, you have nothing to sell.

Key features:

  • Sales forecasts.
  • Stock coverage: time to reach a shortage if no reorder is made.
  • Reorder points: amount of inventory that should trigger a reorder.
Screenshot of the inventory optimization add-on. Yellow is the historical data, orange is the data based on demand forecasts

Desktop Application: Lokad Safety Stock Calculator

Excel Add-in: Lokad Excel Sales Forecasting

Sourceforge project: sourceforge.net/projects/lokad

The add-on is a standalone Windows application that connects to the ADempiere database. The add-on is released under an open source BSD license.

Special thanks to Carlos Ruiz and Pieter Joubert who gave a big help in porting the SQL queries to Oracle.