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You need to have Java 1.5 installed and have the Environment Variable JAVA_HOME setup. You have installed Oracle 10g database. Make sure that the Oracle database listner is started.

Download Binary and Database

Steps for installing posterita

1. The examples assume that you extract the zip to the main drive, e.g. C:\ resulting in a ADEMPIERE_HOME of C:\Adempiere

2. Setup the Adempiere Server

You can repeat this step anytime, but make sure that the Application Server is shut down before you start. Run the script RUN_setup in the Adempiere directory. The Adempiere Server Setup window is displayed. Fill in all the parameters required accordingly.try to input IPAddress / name in Application server and DBserver fields instead of localhost

3. You have to create an Oracle instance and import data into that instance

a. Environment Setup

Make sure that the Environment Variable ADEMPIERE_HOME is set to the location where you have unzip the file you downloaded Suppose you have installed the zip file under C:\ then your ADEMPIERE_HOME will be set to C:\Adempiere

b. Adempiere Database Import

The file ExpDat.dmp is located in $ADEMPIERE_HOME/data and contains the seed database for your Adempiere installation. Execute the script RUN_DBRestore.bat in the $ADEMPIERE_HOME/utils directory to import data into the instance that you have created

4. Once the server is installed, run the the Adempiere server by running the script $ADEMPIERE_HOME/utils/ (for Linux) or $ADEMPIERE_HOME/utils/RUN_Server2.bat (for Windows)

5. To access posterita, open a web browser (firefox supported for this version) and write the url:

http://<IP Address of Application Server>:<web Port>/posterita/

	You would get a page with an example client posterita already configured on it.

click on the client name it would send you to the login page. The default user is "Admin" , password is "Admin" (case sensitive).

	You can also login by entering the a pin ("12345") for the default user "Admin".

6. After login a page for a default terminal would appear. For the test client there is only one terminal "Terminal 1". It would be asked for the first time only. Click on the Save button to proceed to the main menu of Posterita.

7. If a new client is needed log out of the system type the following url in the address bar of the browser:

http://<IP Address of Application Server>:<web Port>/posterita/ (case sensitive)

A page would appear with all the required fields needed to configure client, please remember that all fields are required.

The creation of the client would take a bit of time. Once the creation is complete, it would automatically direct to the login page.

Note: All the informations about the POS Terminal and Client are stored in the cookies.