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Fred and myself met Joel Stangeland and Donald Ladwig from Idalica Inc at the Oct 2006 Compiere conference in Santa Clara. It immediately click between us. Within 2 days, we left the 2nd part of the conference to travel to Orange County to work out a partnership between our companies. One thing that I remember very well was through out our discussion both Don and Joel proposals were based upon openness, honesty and fairness. Some qualities which are unfortunately too rare!!!
After collaborating with Idalica's team and from the echoes I received from all of Posterita team, I must say that at Idalica, there are not only great persons but also true professionals. For having worked as "outsourcers" on other projects where the project management was shaky, it is a real comfort and pleasure to work and collaborate with professionals like Idalica. They are true and competent people!

Alexander Tsang