HOWTO Use Jasper On Financial Reports

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Applicable for versions > 3.3.1b

Now you can use Jasper Reports in order to format the financial reports - and apply all the power of Jasper (formulas, grouping, etc).

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Define the Process

You simply need to define a new system process pointing to your jasper file:

01 jasperbalance.png

You don't need to define parameters for the process.

Define the Financial Report

Then you can use the defined jasper process in the financial report

02 jasperbalance.png

Jasper Report templates

You can download and use the next provided report as template to construct your own reports: T_ReportTemplate by Carlos Ruiz.

An example of more complex, cascading Jasper report by Mario Calderon is found here: Example of complex Jasper Report.

How to deploy your Jasper Reports on an own directory (by Mario Calderon):

  • download the following file; Own JR deployment.
  • decompress zip file.
  • save a copy of "trunk/JasperReportsWebApp/build.xml".
  • copy the decompressed zip file into "trunk/JasperReportsWebApp".
  • define an ant in Eclipse pointing to "trunk/JasperReportsWebApp/build.xml".
  • copy your jrxml and jasper files into "trunk/JasperReportsWebApp/shwReportVerzeichnis".
  • execute the ant command "shw-packaging"
  • ant creates 2 files: "shwReports.ear" and "shwReports.war". You can check their contents with ark or a similar tool.
  • copy shwReports.ear into $ADEMPIERE_HOME/jboss/server/adempiere/deploy
  • JBoss will deploy the files into a temporary directory at startup and delete the temporary directory at shutdown.
  • This way, you can define your reports in the "Report&Process" window, Field "Jasper Report" (see above) the following way: o http://my-named-server/shw/my_report.jasper.

The JRs are thus accessible by all clients (windows or linux).

Accept Null Values as Parameters in a Jasper Report (by Mario Calderon):

The built-in Report Engine in ADempiere treats parameters without values as if no filter was selected. However, if you pass a Jasper Report a parameter without value, it will be interpreted in the query as column=null, which is undesirable.

Here are the steps to achieve that a null value parameter behaves in a Jasper Report as in ADempiere's report engine.

  • Suppose you have the parameter C_BPartner_ID in the Jasper Report
  • Suppose the where clause in your query is c_bpartner_id = $P{C_BPartner_ID}
  • You create a new parameter: C_BPartner_ID_for_query, choosing as class of the parameterString.
  • The Default Value Expression for the new parameter will be:

$P{C_BPartner_ID}==null? " true": "c_bpartner_id=".concat($P{C_BPartner_ID}.toString())

  • In the query, do substitute c_bpartner_id = $P{C_BPartner_ID} with $P!{C_BPartner_ID_for_query}
  • When you pass the report a value, the value will be used, becoming the where condition for example c_bpartner_id = 1234567. Otherwise the condition will be true, which will result in no filtering at all, like in ADempiere's report engine.

A simple financial jasper report by Colin Rooney is found here: Example of financial Jasper Report.