HOWTO Create Jasper C Order Register

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A Jasper Report for C_ORDER table by Shiju01

Download the C_ORDER Jasper files from here

How to install

1) Create a folder REPORTS under ADEMPIERE_HOME.

2) Extract the REPORTS.ZIP file.

3) Copy the files just extracted namely reg_C_ORDER.jrxml & reg_C_ORDER.jasper to \ADEMPIERE\REPORTS folder

4) Login as SuperUser to System role

5) Select window REFERENCE and create a new LIST for report grouping/order by

  Name            : Order_By
  Description     : Report Sort Order
  Validation Type : List Validation 
  and click SAVE record     
  Now select tab List Validations and enter following line
  Search Key	    Name
  AD_Org_ID	    Org.
  C_BPartner_ID    Business Partner
  C_PaymentTerm_ID Payment Terms
  DateAcct	    Month
  DateInvoiced	    Date Invoiced
  DateOrdered	    Date Ordered
  DocStatus	    Status
  DocumentNo	    Document No
  SalesRep_ID	    SalesRep

6) Select window REPORT & PROCESS from menu and create a new process with following details

  Search Key : REG_C_ORDER_SUM 
  Name       : Order Register (summary)  
  ClassName  :
  JasperRpt  : reg_C_ORDER.jasper
  and SAVE record

7) Select PARAMETER TAB and add new lines to define following parameters in the given order

  #  Name            DB Column Name  Element         Reference ReferenceKey    Range Default Logic      DisplayLogic ReadOnlyLogic
  10 Company ID      AD_Client_ID    AD_Client_ID    Table     AD_Client       No    @#AD_Client_ID@                 1=1
  20 Company Name    AD_Client_Name                  String                    No    @#AD_Client_Name@   1=2         1=1
  30 Org Id          AD_Org_ID       AD_Org_ID       Table     AD_Org(Trx)     No    -1
  40 Org Name        AD_Org_Name     OrgName         Table     AD_Org_Name     No    -1                  1=2         1=1
  50 Date Range      DateOrdered     DateOrdered     Date                      Yes   @#Date@
  60 BPartner        C_BPartner_ID   C_BPartner_ID   Search    C_BPartner(ALL) No
  70 Salesman        SalesRep_ID     SalesRep_ID     Table                     No    -1
  80 Terms           C_PaymentTermID C_PaymentTermID Table                     No    -1
  90 Status          DocStatus       DocStatus       List      _DocumentStatus No
  100 Type           C_DocType_ID    C_DocType_ID    Table                     No    1000030
  110 Order          Order_By                        List      Order_By        No    DocumentNo
  120 NOT Delivered  IsDelivered     IsDelivered     Yes-No                    No    N
  130 NOT Invoiced   IsInvoiced      IsInvoiced      Yes-No                    No    N
  140 Summary Report IsSummary                       Yes-No                    No    N

8) Select window MENU and create a new menu with following details

  Name    : Order Register Summary
  Type    : Report
  Process : REG_C_ORDER_SUM 

Done-Enjoy-Your Order Register is ready

Note: Please do not hesitate to modify/edit this page if you have a better brain & nerve

Regards Shiju01