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Who can help and how?

The simple answer is everyone can be involved!

The QA Process is concerned with ensuring the stable releases have:

a) a quality installation process,
b) a quality application,
c) and quality documentation.
  • Check out JIRA - ADempiere Issue Tracker You can help! Choose a bug and solve it, as a good initiation to ADempiere source code and development process. You can also browse the source code and see in real time the latest modifications the developers have made.

If you are a new user

  • then test the install,
  • provide feedback on aspects that did not work as expected or are unclear on,
  • read the wiki documentation and submit document enhancements,
  • add new documents containing your expert knowledge on specific domains.

If you are an experienced user

  • test detailed application functionality. There is not defined test plan and you may be testing something someone else is also testing, but we all work in different technical & business environments so it is not wasted time. All that can be required of you is to confirm it works as you expect it in your environment.
  • review forum posts to determine if new bugs are reported.
  • confirm Issues and Bugs and writing up test scenarios for the developers to work with in the creation of fixes,

If you are a new developer

  • check JIRA for a list for possible & confirmed problems (this is a great way to learn the application!),
  • if you intend to work on a bug assign the bug to yourself to let others know that you are working on this problem. If there is already a name assigned you can offer to help in the tracker comments.
  • commit fixes to bugs or attach patches to the issue trackers.
  • test submitted Patches or committed code to confirm bug fixes.

If you are a commiter

  • review Patches submitted to test, confirm & commit,
  • submit new Patches to confirmed Bugs,
  • review & confirm new Bug reports,
  • review forum posts to confirm bugs and enter them in JIRA.
  • Be clear with the Log Message when you commit, a good practice could be:
ADEMPIERE-XX - Summary Text
Include a link to the JIRA tracker.

How do I start?

The software QA processes is managed from within JIRA so the first step is to register for a JIRA user name and password.

If you wish to make updates and enhancements to the wiki, then simply register on the wiki. Do tell us something about yourself and your testing environment(s) using the Wiki User Profile. Just click on your login Id at the top of the screen to edit your wiki profile... see User: red1 as an example.

Join the Functional Team or the Technical Team

So you think you found a new bug – what now?

First search the current Support Requests & Bug Reports to ensure this is an unknown bug. Once you have confirmed this then you may proceed.

Okay so it's not already reported, what now? Well, if you are new to the project then the best approach to take is to create a forum post to highlight what you think is a bug and get a second opinion before creating a bug report.

If you are experienced and have no doubt as to the bug then you can create a Bug Report directly.

Some tips when submitting a new Support Request or Bug Report

  • Do provide a detailed information about your environment configuration: System Op., Adempiere version, DB, client used (i mean Gardenworld test or your client), etc.
  • Do provide the name of the specific window/report/process name where the problem occurs.
  • Do provide detailed steps to reproduce and if possible in the GardenWorld test client.
  • Remember the developers might not be versed in the daily business use of the application so, where applicable, provide a description of what you wish to achieve and what you expected to happen.
  • If an actual error displays include a copy of the log with error.

For more details, see How to report a bug.

For a more detailed look at the QA Process see here. But let me just add here; this is a volunteer based organization, people are free to choose what to do when, and that typically is something in line with their current job at hand. This means you might not get an immediate response to your submitted Support/Bug Report, or an immediate solution, but please do not be disheartened. The sheer size of the bazaar means that eventually others will also encounter your problem or require your submitted solution. So while it may sometimes not be immediate, everyone will get a response!