FT meeting minutes May 24th 2011

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Agenda with single item: Organizing test towards release

  1. Context
  2. Testing: general information
    • The tests have to be done from line 454 up to the end in the Spreadsheet.
    • Text of Bug fix to start with: Specify exactly which are the search fields. Implemented as discussed in forum thread. Sponsored by Metas GmbH. Link to SF Tracker: http://sourceforge.net/support/tracker.php?aid=3016592
  3. How to test
    • Bugs with a tracker: functionality can be read from tracker.
    • Bugs without a tracker: only a source diff can help for a text.
      • Here a community member with access to sources should be involved.
  4. What to test
    • BFs are low impact.
    • Only Daniel Tamm's changes and MySQL changes are of big impact.
    • MySQL should pose no major problem; it only has to be tested.
    • It was decided to concentrate just on BFs, not in testing mySQL nor Daniel Tamm's changes and leave them as "alpha", as long as they do not have negative impact on Adempiere.
    • Victor and Enrique will analyze Daniel's changes whether they are OK with Adempiere.
    • They will write comments on Daniel Tamm's changes and publish them for discussion within the community.
    • After that it will be decided whether to keep them or not.
  5. Testing as a community effort
    • Mark will create a Wiki page and publish a post inviting the community to test.
    • The wiki page will contain information and how to help testing.
    • In this page, community members can sign in and document which bugs they have tested.
    • The spreadsheet is here of help; it is not editable and will be synced with wiki page by FT.
    • Procedure
      • Spot BF you tested within spreadsheet.
      • Copy it to Wiki page
      • Somebody from FT/TT updates spreadsheet.
    • Time frame: One month.
  6. Test scripts
    • Sahi repository location and access will also be published.
    • Record tests as sahi-scripts and publish the script, so we can collect the and build a test suite.
    • This will be included in Wiki and publication.
    • Victor will create a repository on Mercurial for Test Scripts.
    • Access to script repository: right now, only TT members have commit rights to trunk.
    • To add scripts, it may be not necessary to be so restrictive.
    • On next TT meeting, it will be suggested to allow more people to upload test scripts.