FT meeting minutes March 22nd 2011

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  1. General
    • First meeting of Functional Team alone
    • Moderator: Mario
    • Participants: Enrique, Mario, Mark, Paul, Ramiro, Victor.
  2. Organization of meetings
    • A google calendar was created on this behalf.
    • Moderator/secretary
      • Moderator is in charge of agenda and publishing minutes.
      • round-robin by First Name: Enrique, Mario, Mark, Mike Judd, Mike McKay, Paul, Ramiro, Trifon, Victor.
      • Today's moderator: Mario
      • Next moderator: Enrique
    • Schedule: the meetings will take place by-weekly Tuesdays, starting on today. Next meeting according to calendar : April 5th, 2011.
    • Time: it was accorded to meet at 16:00 hours GMT.
  3. Test server
    • ADeV board accepted the request made by Functional/Technical Team for a dedicated server.
    • ADeV will purchase from its funds the machine.
    • Meanwhile, Victor Perez made an installation on a server made available by Mike Judd and carried out successfully some tests.
    • Mark will coordinate between ADeV and Victor Perez, so the server is handed over, set up and runs ASAP.
    • Operational System will be Ubuntu, database Postgres 9.
    • The installation will be virtualized with | XEN
    • Tobi and Teo will support on configuring virtualization and nightly builds Jenkings (Hudson).
    • Victor stated that the test would be ready for testing 7 days upon availability.
    • It is planned to have a fully installed and running server on March 31st, 2011.
  4. Test Concept
    • The test concept is still the goal to achieve.
    • Mark will create a document for testing, based on the recently commited patches.
    • Victor will create a test script for it.
    • Mario will support both.
    • After that, tasks will be allocated to the testers from the teams/community so the new trunk can be tested thoroughly.
    • Release is planned to be on scheduled for May, 1st 2011.
  5. Misc
    • Request to include Enrique, Mike McKay and Trifon into Functional Team Mailing List.