FT meeting minutes April 5th 2011

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  1. General
    • Moderator: Enrique Ruibal
    • Participants: Mario Calderon, Victor Perez, Mike McKay, Ramiro Vergara
  2. EMail Notifications
    • Mario helped FT members that haven't received notifications from the mailing list
  3. Test Server Availability
    • Mark informed through an email that the server provided by ADeV is up and running.
      • XEN/ Virtualization is installed.
      • The Server will probably provided to Functional/ Technical Team tomorrow.
      • Victor and Ramiro will take the role as communication channel with ADeV on this subject, hopefully we will be working with that server very soon.
  4. Test Concept
    • Some good ideas afloated;
      • Ramiro mentioned that instead of starting to test patches or something else his proposal is to select a piece of meaningful additional funcionality
      • We all agreed that we need to get acquitances with Sahi, the new testing automation tool that was previously selected for this process
      • Enrique suggested that every one should be like a self named 'Champion' and take charge of at least one concrete task towards this goal
      • Victor reminded all of us that the big subject here is to decide if new fucntionality is included or not
    • These are the new features the FT team has identified and agreed to adopt for discussion by next week:
      • Migration Tool
      • Allocation Delivery Policy
      • Accounting Reconciliation Tool
      • Rounding in Price Lists
      • Etc.
  5. Assignments
    • Every FT member will review at least one candidate contribution to be included in next release to discuss with the rest of the team by next week.
    • Last, but not least -> important advice per Victor's upon evaluating new functionality
      • 1.- It doen't duplicate currenct fuctionality
      • 2.- It integrates seamlessly with other core processes
      • 3.- It implements best business practices
      • 4.-That new fuctionality solve generic business issuse
  6. Next Meeting
    • Tuesday, April 12th, 2011
    • 16 hours GMT
    • Moderator: Karsten T.