FT/TT meeting minutes September 24th 2013

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  1. General
    • Moderator: Steven Sackett
    • Secretary: Mario Calderon
    • Participants: Konstantin Herold, Mario Calderon, Suman Ravuri, Victor Perez, Steven Sackett,Mike McKay
    • Date / Time: Tuesday, September 24th 2013 / 12:00h - 13:15h GMT
    • The meeting closed after 2 hours 4 mins
  2. Agenda
    • Minutes of Previous Meeting
    • Actions taken by RM
    • Technical team reviews
    • Functional Team reviews
    • Actions to be taken
    • Misc
    • Next meeting
  3. Minutes of Previous Meeting
  4. Actions taken by RM
    • XLS option for reports integration is done
    • Currency conversion based on invoice date ( Sent by Steven )
    • HTML CSS changes for reports
    • Manufacturing basic scenarios are tested. Production planning specific scenarios testing is under progress
    • Integrating range based lookup is in progress
    • Feedback on VBinary is completed
    • Updating libraries (JasperReports, Groovy, JFreeChart, JCommom, etc.)
  5. Technical team reviews
    • Victor is about to finish the integration of his contibutions into the release candidate.
    • After this is done, Release Manager will integrate
      • MRP Supply and Demand Pegging
      • MRP Browse for demand and supply
      • Net Change Material Plan and Selective Material Plant
      • Smart Browse for approval of Planning Order
      • Picklist simulated explosion and consumption calculation
    • Metas' contributions integrated in Metas' branch (191)
      • implement autocomplete for zk
      • small formatting
      • implement AutoCompleter for zk
      • and some others
    • Homework for Metas' team: inform about status of instance, including integrated contributions.
    • Release Manager will analze how to integrate Manufacturing Light (mostly BOMs) into actual Libero philosophy.
    • Mike McKay is testing and debugging
  6. Functional team reviews
    • not any announced
  7. Misc
    • Mario added the section Infrastructure/Packages updates, etc. to the official release page: http://www.adempiere.com/Release_380LTS
    • cleaning up GardenWorld old data still pending
    • Set up a date for a tour of Walking Tree's Human Resource vertical based on Libero Payroll aiming at integrating it to the official Adempiere release.
    • Steven Sackett wll ask Pedro Rozo about including his financial reports in the 3.8 release.
    • There are problems with repository; Victor and release manager will take care of it.
  8. Next meeting
    • Tuesday, October 1st 2013 / 12:00h.


Following is the meeting log - time is in GMT -6

Tuesday, 24 September 2013
[05:57:02] Mario Calderón: hello everybody!
[05:57:15] Konstantin Herold: Hi
[05:59:03] suman ravuri: Hi
[05:59:09] suman ravuri: Hi Mario
[06:00:28] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): Hi All
[06:01:39] Mario Calderón: does anybody have the minutes of last meeting?
[06:05:49] suman ravuri: Cristina was secretary
[06:06:42] Mario Calderón: but she's not there...

I will try to sum it up
[06:10:14] Mario Calderón: here it is, correct me pls. if I am wrong
[06:10:16] Mario Calderón: - Victor would finish his integration into RC

- Suman would then integrate contributions around libero 

- Costing Engine still pending

- Metas will integrate its contributions into an own instance


1. finish reviewing by end of September

2.- Start community test October

3.- finish community test end of October
[06:11:35] Mario Calderón: should we start?

I can be the secretary
[06:11:54] Mario Calderón: Steven, can you moderate?
[06:12:02] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): ok
[06:12:25] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): Suman, Herold, u ok with that?
[06:12:33] suman ravuri: yes
[06:13:15] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): Mario, going by your notes Metas were hopiong to share an instance for testing?
[06:13:24] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): any progress with that?
[06:14:29] Konstantin Herold: @Steven: Sure
[06:14:30] Mario Calderón: well, they have an instance already. What they wanted, is to add their contributions to it.

....Cristina did some commits to Metas branch last week, but I ignore if they are in the instance
[06:15:01] Konstantin Herold: (Talking about the being okay with starting)
[06:15:22] Mario Calderón: ..I think it is branch 191
[06:16:09] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): is there any way an ordinary user like me can connect and see what has been done?
[06:16:58] Mario Calderón: - : implement autocomplete for zk

-  small formatting

-  implement AutoCompleter for zk 

- and some others
[06:17:30] Mario Calderón: @Steven: this I wanted that Cristina (Tobi or Mark) would tell us today
[06:17:46] Mario Calderón: so we can do the review
[06:18:32] Mario Calderón: perhaps we can leave it as a "homework" for them: that they inform us via  email of how to do the review?
[06:18:43] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): ok
[06:19:03] Mario Calderón: enumerate the funcions and tell us...
[06:19:04] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): Herold, I assume you will be talking with them?
[06:19:34] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): lets move on ..
[06:19:35] Konstantin Herold: Yes
[06:19:55] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): Suman, can you pls give us a report on progress.
[06:20:32] suman ravuri: 1. XLS option for reports integration is done

2. Currency conversion based on invoice date ( Sent by Steven )

3. HTML CSS changes for reports

4. Manufacturing basic scenarios are tested. Production planning specific scenarios testing is under progress 

5. Integrating range based lookup is in progress

6. Feedback on VBinary is completed
[06:20:51] suman ravuri: [5:51:21 PM] suman ravuri: XLS option for reports integration is done

<<< For Jasper
[06:22:14] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): thanks .. is it range based lookup that lets me say from date / to date when opening (say) Order window?
[06:22:25] suman ravuri: yes
[06:23:12] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): in some minutes I saw that you (the group)  have decided to defer manufacturing light integration?
[06:23:26] suman ravuri: yes
[06:23:42] suman ravuri: It is on hold as of now
[06:24:00] Mario Calderón: I think we should vote on it
[06:24:24] Mario Calderón: the only "flaw" is that it uses the old BOM
[06:24:54] Mario Calderón: but it is quite easy to inegrate to the actual BOM
[06:25:45] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): well as we contributed it I think we should not vote on whether it gets added or not.
[06:26:14] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): I also do not understand how big a job it would be to migrate to the new BOM tables .. any one have an idea about that?
[06:26:16] suman ravuri: I am fine to make required change and integrate it once i get a go ahead from you
[06:26:36] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): "the change" being to use the new BOM?
[06:26:47] suman ravuri: [5:57:26 PM] Steven: "the change" being to use the new BOM?

<<< yes
[06:27:00] Mario Calderón: ..I said we should vote because Victor was against it...

I don't think it is a big issue...
[06:27:14] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): Suman... I would be pleased if you could do that and move it forward.
[06:27:27] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): is it a big job?
[06:27:52] suman ravuri: Not a complex one
[06:28:22] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): Others happy that Suman undertake this work to get over the impasse?
[06:29:23] suman ravuri: So I am going ahead with integration of ML
[06:30:01] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): Mario? u happy with that .. we get it in there and Victor's reasonable concerns are dealt with.
[06:31:40] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): Suman, what are your planned next steps
[06:32:10] suman ravuri: I am planning to add horizantal tabs
[06:32:29] suman ravuri: I am really waiting for features to line up
[06:32:49] Mario Calderón: +1
[06:32:50] suman ravuri: many of the features are not ready
[06:32:58] suman ravuri: either code is not ready
[06:33:15] Mario Calderón: can you list them, Suamn?
[06:33:18] suman ravuri: or functional/techinical review is not completed
[06:33:57] Mario Calderón: is the wiki page updated?
[06:34:00] suman ravuri: [6:04:05 PM] Mario Calderón: can you list them, Suamn?

<<< you mean features for which code is not ready?
[06:34:04] Mario Calderón: yes
[06:34:17] Mario Calderón: so we can just look at the wiki page
[06:34:29] suman ravuri: Victors features where he want to make the code ready
[06:35:35] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): I have seen some forum posts from people saying they were having some difficulties .. which Victor responded to.  is the problem(s) now resolved?
[06:35:40] suman ravuri: One minute, I will share features name
[06:37:01] Mario Calderón: @Suman: Victor is almost finished with integrating his contributions the way Teo and Cristina suggested.

but I don't know if he finished, so you can continue with the integration of other libero functionality
[06:37:42] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): perhaps Suman can devote some time to the MLight changes while waiting?
[06:37:54] Mario Calderón: +1 from me
[06:38:12] suman ravuri: I will ML as priority
[06:38:14] suman ravuri: have
[06:38:20] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): great ..
[06:38:28] suman ravuri: Featute list : MRP Supply and Demand Pegging  

MRP Browse for demand and supply  

Net Change Material Plan and Selective Material Plant 

Smart Browse for approval of Planning Order  

Picklist simulated explosion and consumption calculation
[06:39:42] System: 
[06:40:05] Mario Calderón: ?? waht is this Steven?
[06:40:40] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): well its not Manuf Light! :-)
[06:40:50] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): sounds very Libero
[06:42:30] Mario Calderón: sth else?
[06:42:37] suman ravuri: can we get some commitment for reviews?
[06:42:58] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): this week I will try to assist with the costing review
[06:43:21] Mario Calderón: OK 

Susanne found some "issues" you also poited to...
[06:43:24] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): I dont think there is anything else I can help with.
[06:43:32] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): Suman .. I sent you a small bugfix re a posting error in realised gains .. and also some improvements to the zk html report view .. they were small things and I was not sure how to submit them properly.  do I need to do more?
[06:43:50] suman ravuri: [6:14:22 PM] Steven: zk html report view

<<< is done
[06:44:16] Mario Calderón: @Suman: did you test the JasperReports and other librries I sent?
[06:44:17] suman ravuri: [6:14:22 PM] Steven:  small bugfix re a posting error in realised gains

<<< Does this mean currency conversion?
[06:44:25] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): for others .. the html view just made it look more pretty, used nicer fonts and right justified number colimns
[06:44:53] suman ravuri: Jasper reports tested with new libraries
[06:45:06] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): yes .. when a payment happened before the invoice and the exchange rate had since changed it used todays raye not the invoice rate
[06:45:06] Mario Calderón: @Suman: thanks!
[06:45:37] suman ravuri: yes that is also fixed
[06:45:54] suman ravuri: we considered invoice date as the date for conversion
[06:45:58] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): the other issue was cleaning up GardenWorld old data
[06:46:17] suman ravuri: [6:16:44 PM] suman ravuri: we considered invoice date as the date for conversion

<<< is that funcionally ok?
[06:46:35] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): where can I test it?
[06:46:51] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): probably ok..
[06:47:19] suman ravuri: By tomorrow I have that ready in walkingtree test env
[06:47:27] suman ravuri: i will share details to you
[06:48:03] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): the issue is really more fundamental .. the allocation should look at what is actually posted rather than reconstruct the info by looking up exchange rates based on dates .. someone may have changd that data by adding new rates .. but the real fix can be for another time.
[06:48:37] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): thanks .. I will test
[06:49:10] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): I assume no more functional or technical reviews/reports have been finished?
[06:49:30] Mario Calderón: I added to the  release page some infrastructure items
[06:49:40] Mario Calderón: to be completed
[06:50:19] suman ravuri: [6:13:26 PM] suman ravuri: can we get some commitment for reviews?

<<< I see only Mario is reviewing
[06:50:35] suman ravuri: no one else
[06:50:44] Mario Calderón: @all: we should make a call to all participants to do the "last push" in order to really finsh the review these days
[06:50:50] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): I was testing Mike's changes to the info windows in a system he pointed me to... it was very good.  has that code come to you yet Suman?
[06:51:07] suman ravuri: I intgegrated it
[06:51:13] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): great
[06:51:38] suman ravuri: I can take one feature and do TT an FT review and integrate it
[06:52:18] suman ravuri: what feature do you suggest?
[06:52:52] suman ravuri: this is apart from Manufacturing Light
[06:53:21] Mario Calderón: if you ask me: the HHRR part from Walking Tree!!
[06:53:28] Mario Calderón: it is a very good enhancement
[06:53:29] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): Pedro Rozo reported on some good improvements he made to Financial Report writer .. they would be very nice to have .. and as it is reporting probably little dependency or risk?
[06:53:48] Mario Calderón: reportsare always ok..
[06:53:56] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): and the WT HR stuff looks great
[06:54:30] Mario Calderón: it is up to Suman to give us a round trip...
[06:54:41] Mario Calderón: so we can review it
[06:55:02] suman ravuri: Tomorrow 5.30PM IST wtc hr review?
[06:55:33] Mario Calderón: whicht time would be in GMT Suman?
[06:56:26] Victor Perez Juarez: Hi
[06:56:33] suman ravuri: same time as today
[06:56:35] Mario Calderón: hi Victor
[06:56:35] Michael McKay: Hi guys,  I've been listening in.  I've been testing everything I can and have a few bugs - general things.  Do we have a place to track these?  Also, I'm having problems with the latest release branch and can't update - I'm getting a invalid handle on files.
[06:56:54] Victor Perez Juarez: I ma here , I sorry I had a delayed
[06:56:58] Mario Calderón: can we start 30 minutes earlier?
[06:57:16] Mario Calderón: because I have an appointment..
[06:57:39] suman ravuri: @Mike, I have ticket created for each feature integration in atlassian
[06:57:45] suman ravuri: you can add comments there
[06:58:01] suman ravuri: @Mario, we can
[06:58:02] Victor Perez Juarez: Suman , have too some issue with current repository
[06:58:07] Victor Perez Juarez: ?
[06:58:28] suman ravuri: @Victor, what is the issue?
[06:58:42] Michael McKay: @Suman great.  I'll get started tonight.
[06:59:28] Victor Perez Juarez: https://sourceforge.net/p/adempiere/discussion/610548/thread/502bc2e3/?limit=25#36e9
[06:59:28] Mario Calderón: hi Mike
[06:59:38] Victor Perez Juarez: was report for Tobias and Cris
[07:01:28] Victor Perez Juarez: @Steven , I ask to employee of Pedro Pozo to contribute with report financial , but never get some answer
[07:01:46] suman ravuri: @Victor, I am looked at it now, It seems some of git stuff is copied
[07:01:54] suman ravuri: I think we need to remove them
[07:01:56] Victor Perez Juarez: So I think that not exist interest from he, So we would take
[07:02:12] suman ravuri: let me spend some time, then we can address it
[07:02:52] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): @Victor .. see yr email few minutes back
[07:03:10] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): Pedro sent it to me
[07:03:26] Victor Perez Juarez: Mike , I think that your issue is similar to Cristina
[07:03:47] Victor Perez Juarez: @Steven , then will be good if you ask if he are agree
[07:04:06] Victor Perez Juarez: we would include is GPL but , Is best if he say that accept :-)
[07:04:28] Victor Perez Juarez: @Mike , I think that your issue is similar to Cristina
[07:05:14] Victor Perez Juarez: What do you think , I should remove the git sub repository and lost the commit history for payroll and manufacturing
[07:06:20] suman ravuri: Even though we Intend to retain the change history, but not at cost of issues at repo level
[07:06:35] Victor Perez Juarez: I think that worth creating a user on github and install git to keep the commit history
[07:07:33] Michael McKay: Hi Victor - I got the github working but can't update.  

getting zkpackages/liberozkHR.jar

getting zkpackages/liberozkMFG.jar

getting zkwebui/WEB-INF/src/org/adempiere/webui/editor/WPAttributeEditor.java

getting zkwebui/WEB-INF/src/org/adempiere/webui/panel/InfoPAttributePanel.java

getting zkwebui/WEB-INF/src/org/adempiere/webui/window/WPAttributeDialog.java

abort: The handle is invalid

I can't figure out which handle it is looking for.
[07:07:52] Michael McKay: Have to leave.  Have a great day everyone.
[07:08:43] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): @Mike .. did you have some views about refreshing GardenWorld?
[07:08:57] Victor Perez Juarez: on the other hand, by the allegations sent about malware proliferates in sourceforge, we should have a plan to move to another place.
[07:09:23] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): @Mike .. pls let me know when would be convenient to discuss
[07:10:50] Victor Perez Juarez: do you are using hg pull and hg update -C
[07:11:07] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): just so I can get an idea of views ..do others think we need to clean up GardenWorld data?
[07:11:08] Victor Perez Juarez: @Mike do you are using hg pull and hg update -C?
[07:11:46] suman ravuri: Mike might have left
[07:11:56] Victor Perez Juarez: @Steven clean is same that update or that replace for other example ?
[07:13:17] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): I would like to have transactions no more than 1 year old, fix up the financial reports. add some more datya and a budget example .. and fix at least some list reports .. and get rid of the hideous cyan in the report headers!
[07:13:59] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): maybe change the Chart of Accounts to more IFRS looking?
[07:14:19] Victor Perez Juarez: yes your propose will great , have you time for this work ?
[07:14:45] Victor Perez Juarez: because the step in define how can make this migration or update
[07:15:00] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): well .. its same question as before .. I can take the db, do the work and then give it back .. but how will it get back in to the system?
[07:15:20] suman ravuri: with Adaxa migration feature
[07:15:28] Victor Perez Juarez: Chuck Boecking  offer some similar for manufacturing examples
[07:15:30] Mario Calderón: @Steven: delete and add, I suppose
[07:15:34] suman ravuri: enable log migration feature and start preparing data
[07:15:41] Victor Perez Juarez: So I think can coordinate this work for make this work
[07:15:59] suman ravuri: it will generate oravle and postgres sql scripts
[07:16:18] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): the Delete Entities feature (if it is added) lets me delete all existing transactions and then just ad new ones .. but it wont create a migration script
[07:16:21] Victor Perez Juarez: @Steven, your contribution is excellent for this work
[07:16:53] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): did we add Delete Entities?
[07:17:14] Victor Perez Juarez: and replace by?
[07:17:40] Victor Perez Juarez: we will have some as IDES of SAP ?
[07:17:47] suman ravuri: I have seen no issue in logging deletion, but I can confirm after round of testng
[07:18:43] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): delete entities could delete all the trx detail in GW and then 'generate test data' could add as many new records of sales orders, shipments and invoices as we wanted .. the rest would need to be manually added or imported via the I_* tables
[07:19:36] Mario Calderón: @all: I will have to leave in 10 mins.

Keep on talking, I will do the minutes
[07:19:49] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): for migration scripts will the logging capture things that are not system client?
[07:20:08] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): ie like GW transqactions?
[07:20:43] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): .. may be check later.
[07:21:11] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): anyone have more to add or are we finished till tomorrow at 30 mins earlier than today?
[07:21:47] Victor Perez Juarez: the xml migration script can be use to any data
[07:21:59] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): thanks
[07:22:18] Victor Perez Juarez: so if you activate then it generate xml for this information
[07:22:42] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): so If I am logged in to GW and modify a print format it will capture?
[07:22:49] Victor Perez Juarez: but I not am sure if we need drop garden work and replace by other data example
[07:23:33] suman ravuri: yes it will capture
[07:23:59] Victor Perez Juarez: the migration xml generate info from moment you set generate script in preferences
[07:24:10] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): what would happen if we modified a GW while no oneelse changed anything for say 2 days .. then we did a db export and sent back... would that break things?
[07:24:38] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): it will only be GW data
[07:24:41] Mario Calderón: ..bye
[07:24:47] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): bye Mario
[07:24:50] suman ravuri: you do it oracle and from DDutils you generate postgres?
[07:25:10] suman ravuri: multi database?
[07:25:24] Victor Perez Juarez: Steven I think that more easy is that you take 370 seed
[07:25:33] Victor Perez Juarez: and create all changes in data
[07:25:37] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): ok forgot the oracle db
[07:25:53] Victor Perez Juarez: when it is ready then you send to Suman for this can be the new seed
[07:26:13] Victor Perez Juarez: the he apply all migration script for 380
[07:26:21] Victor Perez Juarez: it can be other way
[07:26:42] suman ravuri: @Steve, I can guide you with migrations
[07:26:52] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): I also wanted to delete all the older calendar periods  ...
[07:27:02] suman ravuri: we can do one smaple together, if it works we can go further
[07:27:04] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): I will contact you later Suman .. thanks for offer
[07:27:27] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): are we finished?
[07:27:41] Victor Perez Juarez: @Steven
[07:28:12] Victor Perez Juarez: About the manufacturing light , we are await to integrate completely libero
[07:28:25] Victor Perez Juarez: and next we can integrate
[07:28:38] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): Suman is fixing the BOM and will thn integrate
[07:28:52] Victor Perez Juarez: the idea is review that not exist some conflict between code and model
[07:29:24] Victor Perez Juarez: in special for subject the structure cost
[07:29:58] Victor Perez Juarez: I saw that Paul add new field in T_BOM and other comments tables that are using also in rollup cost of libero
[07:30:09] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): manuf light only uses standard cost so I am not too interested to check much more to do with costing at this stage
[07:30:12] Victor Perez Juarez: I saw you have also rollup cost
[07:30:58] Victor Perez Juarez: we must be careful that it does not collide
[07:31:05] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): does it matter if each system has own bom cost rollup?
[07:31:32] Victor Perez Juarez: nop
[07:31:37] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): perhaps Suman can start and then we see if there are any problems?
[07:31:42] Victor Perez Juarez: but we should have a common model data
[07:32:07] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): well we wont have .. manuf light is much more simple
[07:32:19] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): we dont use routing ..
[07:32:35] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): dont have MRP process
[07:32:38] Victor Perez Juarez: yes I review
[07:32:48] suman ravuri: @Victor, do you think changing it to common model data would be a big change
[07:32:59] Victor Perez Juarez: for example in your no using low level cost
[07:33:04] suman ravuri: if we decide to to have common model for common funtionality
[07:33:04] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): yes please review but we want to keep it 'simple'  ;-)
[07:33:23] Victor Perez Juarez: then I not sure how you separate of cost from parent of components
[07:33:55] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): in ML we have only one cost there is no LL
[07:33:57] Victor Perez Juarez: I suppose have not use labor and burden
[07:34:14] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): have but in a different way
[07:36:26] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): we have one or many service products and these are in place of your processes ... but each service product could be a BOM and have as few or as many items of cost making it up as you want.. so you might have "brake press operation" and it could be a BOM of labour, supervision, consumable, electricity,rent, planned maintenance, breakdown maintenance etc.
[07:37:37] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): so when you know how many hours of 'brake press operation' happened in the month you can explode out to all the standard cost allowances in as much details as you want
[07:37:53] Victor Perez Juarez: do you management the concept of frozen cost , is a good practice in standard cost
[07:39:10] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): Manuf Light is for people migrating fom an accounting system and a bunch of spreadsheets .. I dont think they will worry too much about some of the good practice things ... just want easy to use.
[07:39:37] Victor Perez Juarez: JJ used the future cost to create a standard cost projected and the idea is copy this cost to standard cost she is ready , for this we need an frozen and unfrozen cost
[07:40:00] Victor Perez Juarez: if this functionality we can revaluate the standard cost by error
[07:40:07] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): anyway pls review and suggest anything you think improves the fit in ADempiere
[07:40:22] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): its 23:40 here so I will say goodnight to all
[07:40:26] Victor Perez Juarez: ok
[07:40:40] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): goodnight all,
[07:40:54] Victor Perez Juarez: yes the idea is that libero and Manuf Light work harmoniously
[07:41:05] suman ravuri: +1 for Victor
[07:41:08] Victor Perez Juarez: and if some customer need migrate some more complex
[07:41:16] Victor Perez Juarez: it can be transparent
[07:41:25] suman ravuri: Let us find ways
[07:41:37] Victor Perez Juarez: yes Suman we need work in this
[07:41:50] suman ravuri: yes
[07:42:02] suman ravuri: Let us this offline together
[07:42:05] suman ravuri: take
[07:42:06] Victor Perez Juarez: So I think that first step is set the Adaxa code into new brnch
[07:42:22] Victor Perez Juarez: branch based on of last 380rc1
[07:42:29] suman ravuri: ok
[07:42:42] Victor Perez Juarez: so we can work in this
[07:42:47] suman ravuri: ok
[07:42:57] Victor Perez Juarez: please help me testing
[07:43:06] suman ravuri: I will have that branch ready
[07:43:10] Victor Perez Juarez: if all is ok with repository and sub repository
[07:43:17] Victor Perez Juarez: if not then I need fix
[07:43:45] Victor Perez Juarez: I can not know if other had issue because I am work without issues
[07:48:27] suman ravuri: ok
[07:48:40] suman ravuri: Will ping you to your id
[07:48:50] suman ravuri: bye Victor
[08:01:31] Victor Perez Juarez: bye