FT/TT meeting minutes Feb 24th 2011

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  1. General:
    • Moderator: Mark
    • Participants: Enrique, Karsten, Mario, Mark, Ramiro, Teo, Tobias, Victor.
    • Migration Tool
      • Voted (7x yes 4 abstain) for an official adempiere migration tool. teo has asked for Maintainer in Forum and was accepted.
    • Status of renaming in Mercurial/ Mercurial directories
      • Announcement for one more week. Rename the adempiere361*, delete the ones marked as *to be deleted* and keep the 'Converted from SVN. Announcement done by Teo.
    • Review Task list from last Meeting
      • Bugs that were fixed in globalqss are documented in trackers, so this would be a bug triage phase. Decided to integrate into ADempiere stabilization phase.
    • Next meeting
      • Date&Time: Thursday, March 3rd, same time.
      • Moderator: ?