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Welcome to the Dark Side

How wonderful this heavenly place where all Information Is Free! But here is the catch - People Are Not. To bother the people behind this great bazaar can be one last inch of paradise that has so far defined your ADempierean travels. We would not want your star-studded series to end in a war with the empire.

We have to somehow introduce an etiquette and behaviour and gently persuade everyone to participate in this joyous journey of adopting ADempiere but sparing the fits and rants, screams and moans upon the very people who made all this possible. We also hope that one day, you can always be one of us, and be on our side, helping instead.

Professional Support

If you do not have time or expertise to manage an implementation yourself, there is a growing World-wide Directory of consultancy and services companies who can provide professional services and support. Start by visiting and seeking out support from a partner near you.

Dos and Don'ts

  • Do send your posts to the right sub-forum and use the right topic header or title that summarizes the issue or problem raised.
  • Do follow the reading list above that explain in detail the right spirit and style to use for best chances of getting the right response.
  • Here are words that must not be used in our forums or chat or email in our bazaar. They have been known to cause distress and unnecessary negative perception to the person saying them:
  1. Help me, Urgent,
  2. Please reply as soon as possible.
  3.  !!! ??? (any multiple exclamations or question marks done repeatedly)
  4. PLEASE (upper case means shouting)
  5. $*%#!, WTF, (any vulgarities)

Things To Avoid

Here are actions or postings that you may have to avoid:

  1. Sending postings to Open Forum when there are specific forums to deal with the matter such as Help, Financials, Functional.
  2. Sending private emails when it is not a private or commercial engagement. All requests for help on a free basis should not be requested privately. Rather share the problem and solution with the community.
  3. All private assistance are chargeable. Assistance in private chat included.
  4. Using free chat room for commercial use support. Chat room is more of social and communication purpose. Ask for permission first.
  5. Do not just copy Logfiles in to forum without description.
  6. Do not use private rooms to contact people in the chat, unless agreed previously with the interested (or use it just to pass private information like e-mails)

Wiki HowTo

Wiki categories

To help you easily find relevant information, ADempiereWiki is organised into categories, you can start browsing categories starting with the Top category. This a work in progress, you can help us improve information categorization and create new relevant categories.

Or you can use this Google Search into Adempiere Wiki set by Hengsin

Contact us

You can reach the whole council and its extended members of the empire at the forums at

Thank You