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Analysis on ERPs (Compiere vs ADempiere)

  • Mario Calderon wrote this piece in Compiere's SourceForge forum Thinking of Jumping Ship (this Compiere thread has been deleted - Red1 09:05, 16 May 2007 (EDT) )

Hi everybody,

As a certified SAP Consultant with programming experience and the will to implement good ERPs, I have been evaluating ERP Systems since 2004 (AccPac, SAP B1, Navision, and other minor solutons) and found every one has its flaws.

I was attracted to Compiere in the mid 2006 because everything seems to fit technically: the Architecture, the fabulous Application Dictionary, the excellent code. I was about to jump into the Compiere train when I spent long hours reading carefully threads like this, where users and partners were complaining about no information, feeling that they were not heard. Someone gave me the hint to some renegades who wanted to start a Compiere fork and I started reading the fork discussion.

Enter Adempiere. Well, I told to myself, let´s give Adempiere a try. In the weeks of struggling with the installation, I posted my (in retrospective sometimes silly) questions, and somebody answered them, so I could carry on. I managed to install it, test it, use it.

I am monitoring Adempiere closely and you find openness and support; the wiki is increasing with infos, tutorials, how-tos, flash cards etc. I get answers or hints to my questions.

I can even follow the discussions of the decision committee which leads to decisions as when and with which functionality the next versions are going to be released. The contributions of others are considered and you find them in the releases.

Of course there are bugs or missing functionality, but either I can post my question and somebody helps you out, or you like Chris solve the problem by yourself, as I am planning to do with 2 projects I have. I intend to pass the implementations to the Adempiere community and as far as I have followed the discussions, they will be incorporated in a future release (if they are good and useful). They are helping me, and I will help whenever I can.

So, where this Adempiere trip lands, I cannot tell you. But at Adempiere I found a sound, well-designed Product (Compiere) with a dynamic community (Adempiere). That is a solid foundation on which I after long deliberations we will build on. I read history a lot and it tells you one thing: that political systems, countries, companies and people have success with straight, easy, transparent basics. So, the choice between SAP R/3, B1, Navision, Compiere and Adempiere is very easy: Price/Functionality? ADempiere.

I thus encourage everyone to actually jump the Compiere ship and land into the Adempiere ship.

Dreams? Yes, one. That JJ joins Adempiere too. I really admire what he has done; he must be a genius. Working with Adempiere would boost him to the IT Hall of Fame. Otherwise he will be the one who started a success story but did not recognize the signs of the wall (like Einstein, Ken Olsen).....

Mario Calderon


On this piece

  • This is probably the first ever authoritative, non-adempierean emitted, non-screaming public endorsement of ADempiere -- Red1
  • "Regnat populus": Let the people rule (and you'll see how they rule the best). --Bahman

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