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What is the real difference?

After 8 months into the project that leapt from the shoulders of Compiere, it is time to analyse what is the real difference and achievements possible from here onwards. There are now clear trends noticeable as well as enough critique done to the context of the project for us to arrive at a certain view of this project. Another feature special initiated by Red1 08:53, 4 May 2007 (EDT).

Has a Real and Live Community

  • As can be seen in the project forums, the threads speaks for themselves about dynamism, liveliness, activity and collaboration. ADempiere has very high density of posts and online activity among its members around the world and round the clock wherever they are.
  • Ranking in SourceForge is calculated based on all round activity which keeps ADempiere at the top of the charts
  • Use of open tools such as WikiMedia to gather the community's constant accumulating contribution and experience.
  • Round the clock live presence in IRC room to share experience and assist newbies
  • Multi-lingual and multi-cultural participation and adaptation to respective diverse usage.
  • Successful spread by word of mouth with no barriers of adoption

Higher Code Quality

  • More bugs are resolved and remedies committed to the source code's trunk as fast they are discovered
  • Non-existent round-trip for bugs to remain out there in the application suite
  • Win-win savings as users get to use ADempiere faster in their business, and consultants get to be paid easier for successful wins on the implementation.
  • Both technical and subject matter logic bugs get resolved with more eyeballs of vast worldwide domain expertise
  • Increase in functional quality as determined by users and not limited to developers

Project Longetivity

  • Non-commercial ownership by any party of the ADempiere project
  • Constant influx of supporters and collaborators who openly declared their choice of ADempiere
  • Full empowerment to the community to setup business based on ADempiere without fear of source been ever closed by owner
  • GPL and open nature of project activity ensure transparency and minimal closed door politics
  • Maximum stability for commercial activity based on ADempiere on peer basis.

Open Relationship

  • With institutional players from commercial and academic sectors
  • Pursuit of common open goals
  • Invested by major players for utility value to respective core competency value-adding
  • Hedged as stablising factor in volatile proprietary transition to open source marketplace

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