Debugging Posterita With Eclipse

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Getting the source right

  • Obtain the latest source from
    • Get Adempiere from trunk
    • Get Posterita from contributions/posterita
    • Make the Posterita project depend on the ADempiere project in your IDE such as Eclipse
    • Remove the ADempiere.jars from the Posterita/WEB-INF/lib/ . This is to ensure you have the latest synched codes checked.
    • If there are bugs highlighted then inform the Posterita forum. You can do your part by reporting it and perhaps join in the fun of fixing it! This can help you become one of our contributors.

Compiling ADempiere

  • Compile ADempiere to get the jars by RUN_Build.
  • Place jars in Posterita/WEB-INF/lib/
    • ADempiere.jar
    • AdempiereApps.jar
    • CSTools
    • CCTools

Debugging Posterita

  • Now you are ready to run posterita from Eclipse
  • Set your Eclipse with Tomcat Sysdeo plugin
  • Set in Eclipse>Window>Preferences>Tomcat>JVM Settings>
    • Append to JVM Parameters: -DPropertyFile=G:/Adempiere/
  • Clear the work folder contents in your workspace path or posterita/work
  • Launch Tomcat from Eclipse
  • From Web Browser point to your URL:port/posterita
  • Note the console prompts in Eclipse
  • Put breaks to debug