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Every record can have a chat associated with it - that is a timestamped record of a conversation or notes related to that particular record.


Icon: Icon Chat24.png
Menu: →Chat }}{{#if: | → }}{{#if: | → }}
Short Cut: none


  • There is no way to delete a chat entry.
  • Only records with a defined *_ID field can have a chat entry.


When you select a record and click the Chat Icon Icon Chat24.png, the Chat dialog opens as shown below.




The dialog has two panes: a display pane on the top which will display the chat history, oldest at the top; and a text entry pane on the bottom where a new entry can be made.

The Cancel and Confirm buttons will cancel changes and save the changes respectively.

Entries are timestamped with the user's name.

Once a record has a chat entry saved, the toolbar chat icon will be shaded to indicate the presence of the information.

There is no way to delete the chat entries or print the history. It's prime purpose is communication about a specific record in a multi-user system.

For Developers

The software the controls this dialog is found in

  • base/src
  • client/src