Capacity Requirement Planning

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It is a set of techniques which uses the planned orders by MRP, open manufacturing orders, manufacturing resources and the work-flows to calculate the required time for each resource along with the available time. With this information, we are able to balance the time demand with the available time. Through the knowledge of the required and available capacities it is possible to adjust the Master Production Schedule(MPS) until we arrive at a realistic one.

CRP answers the question: Is the available capacity sufficient to satisfy the required time demand at each manufacturing resource?

Capacity Plan Calculation

The process of Capacity Plan Calculation allows us to know the available time in each manufacturing resource, as well as the required time to satisfy the Master Production Schedule.

Resource Load View

It shows graphically of the required and available time for each manufacturing resource.



  • The required parameters to get the Resource Load View are:
    • the resource you want to analyze and the date at the beginning of the month you wish to analyze.
  • Next click the OK button and you will see the daily available capacity at the selected resource. The bar of the graph shows the required capacity, the available capacity and the difference between them.
  • The accumulated times from other periods are not considered for these calculations.