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This page is linked from A Step by Step Guide to Libero Manufacturing Trying to make sense of how Libero Manufacturing works. MRP process is gathering demand from many place and most process are behind the scene. This page is intended for the behind the scene logic of Calculate MRP.

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In Order To Generate MO

  • If you oversell an item, i.e. Fertilizer #50 you will get an MO or Manufacturing Order after doing a Calculate Material Plan. But you may only get a Requisition Order if you oversell a PatioSet. Below are the reasons.
  • Besides having negative balance stock to trigger MO during Calculate Material Plan, you need to check the Product Planning Data.
  • Ensure that it has an associated WorkFlow and BOM.
  • Ensure your Data Planning is defined for the Organization of the Sales Order. This was the last part i did before getting the MO to generate.