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  • Previously Daniel Tamm of Navitech Consulting maintained this little but very useful Sourceforge project here AcctEditor.
  • Then he announced moving the project to ADempiere and the source is now in SVN/Contributions/adempiereAcctEdit
  • The compiled files are uploaded to the download section.
  • This COA Editor can be used to create a COA from scratch and the Default Accounts Elements are on-hand for referencing.



  • The Details tab allows edit of the contents of Accounting Elements, similar to ADempiere, but better as the Default Accounts are obtainable from a pull-down list avoiding typo errors.
  • Here you can change the contents such as Value, Name, Description, Type, Sign, Doc Controlled, Summary, Default.

NOTE: From the tree panel you can add a new element (via button or right-click). You can delete accounts with the Remove account button.

List of accounts

  • In this tab there is a whole list of accounts (similar to our grid view) but it is view-only mode.

Default accounts

  • This tab is great!! In this tab you can see the list of required Default Accounts, and you can see easily if any Default Account is missed out (blank Account id).
  • There is an inbuilt check to avoid duplicate setting of a Default Account.

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