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Executive Summary of Commit Committee Meeting 2007-03-20

Full transcript of meeting here: Chat CC Meeting 2007-03-20

Participants (alphabetical order)

  • AFalcone
  • CarlosRuiz
  • crooney
  • DeathMeat
  • hengsin
  • kontro
  • server_
  • teo_sarca
  • trifon
  • vpj-cd

Summary of Discussion

Acceptance of add-ons for Jasper integration from Johannes

There were important enhancements done by Johannes, it was agreed to accept those new functionalities for 3.1.6 (relax the current feature freeze for these enhancements)

Proposal to review the roadmap

It was agreed that current roadmap is confusing and must be discussed in a later stage with more people from council and community.

  • Roadmap must not match with any specific technology or brand or name, only in very special cases
  • Roadmap must not have version numbers for things that are not firm yet, probably just some direction for possible future enhancement for those stuff
  • Roadmap should convey a clear message to the community - what is committed ( i.e confirm ), what is under investigation ( experiment welcome ) and what is don't know when ( volunteer welcome )

Proposal to release 3.1.6 release candidate (very stable)

Victor Perez have since march 1st an installation with trunk development on postgres with 60 users, he declared the system is very stable.

So Adempiere project is going to release very soon a 3.1.6 version release candidate for 3.2 - very stable. People will be encouraged to install/migrate this version before 3.2.

Proposal to discuss the purpose of TANG project

It was proposed to review the purpose and name of TANG project, possibly is causing confusion for community if it's declared as next generation. Currently the view is TANG project as R&D lab.

Discussion about the need of a 3-tier architecture for web client

Given the latest contributions for a web client (ZK and JSF) it was discussed the needing of a 3-tier architecture to release a web client.

Conclusions can be that we can release a ZK (and even a JSF) client with current architecture. ZK web client was proven that can be released really fast.

A 3-tier architecture is desired but it will delay the release of web client too much. It must be reviewed for a later stage of the project.