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Executive Summary of Commit Committee Meeting 2007-03-06

Full transcript of meeting here: Chat CC Meeting 2007-03-06

Participants (alphabetical order)

  • CarlosRuiz
  • croo
  • hengsin
  • karsten_thiemann
  • Mike_Judd
  • red1
  • trifon
  • vpj-cd_

Summary of Discussion

Release Strategy

  1. Victor is making testings in Ecuador on 315 version in a real implementation
  2. We're going to wait for another week of bug reporting
  3. then release 316 as release candidate - safe for implementations with commitment of quick bug fixings

Define priority for bugs

9 - system stopper - data corruption without workaround
7 - security issues
3 - problems with workarounds - performance problems
1 - presentation problems
5 - non-prioritized

Work on prioritizing current bugs

Volunteer team:

  • Michael Judd
  • Colin Rooney
  • Heng Sin Low
  • Carlos Ruiz

Team will review the 106 currently open bugs and prioritize them according to the definition agreed previously.