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Executive Summary of Commit Committee Meeting 2007-02-27

Full transcript of meeting here: Chat CC Meeting 2007-02-27

Participants (alphabetical order)

  • AFalcone
  • CarlosRuiz
  • croo_
  • DeathMeat
  • hengsin
  • karsten-thiemann
  • trifon
  • vpj-cd_

Summary of Discussion

Status of 3.1.5

Plan to release 3.1.5 stays on February 28th.

A lot of code movement in trunk lately. The stabilization of trunk is compromised, it's recommended for production sites or people installing in production to stick with 3.1.4 - and jump to 3.2 when released.

Discussion about maintaining several versions

There is a proposal to maintain several versions. This is completely possible with organization of SVN but doesn't look achievable currently because of lack of resources.

Discussion about the scope and role of CC members

CC members do the best effort to review every commit according to their time.

The are need for documentation on commit process (or contribution process), i.e.

  • For functional patch, is important to set the rule that all functional patches must have a valid user case to verify.
  • every commit must have an associated tracker in sf

Need to make easier the contribution of dictionary patches

Currently there is no documented process on how to contribute patches that requires dictionary changes. We must think about that. Proposals are welcome.

How to integrate to 3.1.5 Jasper document integration

Johannes and Karsten implemented an add-on to develop document formats with Jasper.

There was some guidelines discussion in order to get this development into 3.1.5