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Executive Summary of Commit Committee Meeting 2007-01-23

Full transcript of meeting here: Chat CC Meeting 2007-01-23

Participants (alphabetical order)

  • CarlosRuiz
  • hengsin
  • jsSolutions
  • karsten-thiemann
  • moyses
  • Ramiro
  • teo_sarca
  • vclark
  • vpj-cd

Summary of Discussion

Proposal to review the compiere bugs opened by phib

a) if bug if closed in Compiere as fixed before 260a -> close it in Adempiere

b) if bug is opened -> left open in Adempiere

c) if bug is closed after 260a -> try to bring the patch

For c) a research is needed to found the exact patch in Compiere and must be uploaded as a patch in trackers.

Proposal to keep in sync with Compiere bugs

a) reviewing opened bugs in Compiere since 2006-09-24 (open and closed), testing in Adempiere if it can be replicated here

b) if closed try to bring the patch and open in Adempiere

c) if open in Compiere create the patch in Adempiere

It will be better if someone keep monitoring compiere bugs and trying to replicate them here.

Proposal of not maintenance for CM module

It was agreed to drop maintenance to CM module while we find a volunteer or a sponsor.

Patching for released versions

It was agreed to allow a mechanism to release patches for tagged versions.

i.e. we release 3.2, we're going to make patches to 3.2 version for critical bugs and release possibly 3.2.1 while trunk is going to 3.3.0

Critical problem detected in Forms

It was detected that some Forms (most of them) doesn't manage transactions well.

Best solution: activate transaction management in forms, and replace usage of IsSelected column by a table like T_Selection (big effort because a lot of rewriting needed)

Temporary shortest solution: activate transaction, cut some code that locks whole tables, make code changes to reverse IsSelected to N at the end of the process.

Problem with big IN clauses

It was detected a problem when IN clauses contain more than 1000 records reaching a limit of Oracle (other databases have lower limit).

Best solution: usage of a T_selection like table to put there the needed records for the process.

Another possible solution: change code to iterate in an array with the values

Temporary shortest solution: (not the best) change code to add an OR and another IN clause when the limit is reached

Improvement for Financial Report speed

It was tested that replacing Fact_Acct_Balance with a view (instead of table) the financial reports ran quicker.

It will be tested in other environment and integrated into trunk when the test passes.

Discussion on Accounting Year-End process

It was discussed the lack of a table in Adempiere to keep the balance of accounts.

The proposal was to create a year-end process to close accounts of P&L and generate initial balance for Balance accounts for next year. (This development is currently in progress sponsored by Idalica)