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Announcing the ADempiere Bug Triage Day March 2010

ADempiere has 444 Open Bugs in Bug Tracker at the moment. Let's find out which ones are real Bugs and how much of them deserve a high, medium or low priority. Therefore it is very important to have a detailed look at these entries, so that we can plan the further Roadmap in squashing these Bugs on the further Bug Days and everyday Bugfixing.

Join in and have fun. It's one of the best possibilities for you to step in the world of ADempiere on this Day. Alot of experienced ADempierians take part in this event and try to lead you to the answers in mastering ADempiere.

Everybody is invited to take part. Everyone can help. Join us on Thursday 11th March 2010.

You can see a detailed description of Bug Triage process on this link

If you are not sure how to help, then just visit us on IRC (irc.freenode.net, room #adempiere) and we'll explain everything to you.

Here are the starting times for the Bug Triage Day

You want to participate in Bug Triage mentoring/ administration, then sign in here.

Not sure about what time zone to join? Use TimezoneConverter.

Asia: 2:00 h GMT

  • Mentored by: volunteers welcome
  • Project admins: volunteers welcome
  • Participants: McBoss

Europe: 9:00 h GMT

America: 15:00 h GMT

  • Mentored by: Carlos Ruiz more volunteers welcome
  • Project admins: volunteers welcome
  • Participants:

You are new to ADempiere Bug Triage Day?

You want to participate in Bug Triage and/or Bug Fixing, then sign in here. Those who are new and asking for tracker rights can ask in the forum thread.



At bug day we primarily communicate on adempiere channel on IRC, you can use your preferred IRC client or connect directly from browser following any of these links:

Which Bugs shall be triaged?

Here are the Bug Tracker entries that shall be triaged today:

Test Site

Spreadsheet to coordinate work

Please log in with your gmail account to open the spreadsheet so we all can know who is working on there.

Bug Trackings

(You may use this page to record your kills).

Let's try to use the public spreadsheet this time to coordinate your work-in-progress.

Always follow advice. If you aint chicken then go for Bug 9s

Further Information about the ADempiere Bug Triage/ Bug Day

Bug Triage

ADempiere Bug Day