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Announcing the 1st ADempiere Bug Day

The 1st ADempiere Bug Day is taking place on Thursday January 24th 2008.

We can't say this enough. Everyone can help. Come and join us for the ADempiere Bug Day!

If you are not sure how to help, then just visit us on IRC (irc.freenode.net, room #adempiere) and we'll explain everything to you.

Here are the chat logs of what went on during this bug day Chat 20080124.

Here are the starting times for the Bug Day

  1. Asia: 2:00 h GMT (mentored by Low Heng Sin)
  2. Europe: 9:00 h GMT (mentored by Mark Ostermann)
  3. America: 15:00 h GMT (mentored by Carlos Ruiz)

Main Objectives (Bugs) for this ADempiere Bug Day

Triage December 2007

Further Information about the ADempiere Bug Day

ADempiere Bug Day

Bug Triage

IRC-Log from Bug Day

Chat 20080124