Bug Day April 2008

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Announcing the ADempiere Bug Day April 2008

After having three ADempiere Bug Days in the last three months, we can call it the "traditional ADempiere Bug Day" from now on. ;-) The next one ist taking place on the second-last-thursday-per-month as usual, on on Thursday April 17th 2008.

All of you are invited to be part of this great bazaar. Everyone can help. Come and join us for the ADempiere Bug Day!

If you are not sure how to help, then just visit us on IRC (irc.freenode.net, room #adempiere) and we'll explain everything to you.

Here are the starting times for the Bug Day

  • America: 15:00 h GMT

Guestbook for participants

Further Information about the ADempiere Bug Day

ADempiere Bug Day

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