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Thick Javascript Client

Rendering of UI will be done on the client side using advance javascript GUI framework like Dojo, Qooxdoo or GWT. The server-side is exposed to the javascript client as RESTian or JSON-RPC endpoint to served and process dynamic data. The primary motivation of this approach is to produce richer, more performant UI experience than the Thin Client.

Thin Javascript Client

A server side model where the application code is mainly running on the server side and smartly refreshing the client by using AJAX. This is the easier path as more code from the current Swing client can be reused.


  • XMLHttp
The XMLHttp transport is the default transport. It works well in most cases, but it cannot transfer files.
  • IFrame
The IFrame I/O transport is useful because it can upload files to the server.

Proof Of Concept

A prototype should be build as a POC. The prototype should demonstrate the following features:

  • Login
  • Tree Menu
    • Standard tree navigation support
    • Find menu item
  • Application window
    • Standard CRUD operations
    • Grid and form mode
  • Form window
  • Process window
    • Process parameter
    • Execution of long running process
  • Report window
    • Report parameter
    • Preview of report


  • We have decided to use the thin javascript client model and a working version is now in the svn, develop using the ZK Ajax framework. The initial version is contributed by Ashley from Posterita.
  • Posterita has pulled out of the ADempiere Bazaar and the ZK UI is largely finished by Low Hengsin and here is a developer's tutorial for Creating WebUI Workspace so that more volunteers can extend and contribute it. - Red1 07:37, 25 July 2008 (EDT)



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