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Detailed plan for Adempiere AD GUI Enhancements.

  • More columns.
  • Detailed control over size of fields.
  • Field can span multiple columns and rows.
  • Victor already implemented folding of Field Groups, so i hope to see it soon as part of core.
  • Master/Detail view. I have seen screenshots with implementation of it, so i expect that Adempiere core will have it in near future.
  • Eclipse plugins i think that Adempiere Window maps to Eclipse View. My personal idea is building of dynamic Eclipse view based on Adempiere AD.

Contributed by Stefan Kuthan

search functionality, integrated in grid instead of popup

This is an enhancement to show the search-window inline instead of in a popup window. The benefit is a much faster way of adjusting the query, the downside is that less space is shown for the content - however I feel that with growing screen-resolutions we can show more content anyway.

download from svn:

feedback welcome, discussion:


  • checkout the corresponding svn-module from contributions/freecom/SearchFunction
  • make a backup of your files
  • copy the downloaded files to the svn-trunk.

no Database changes have been made, however I did integrate the contribution to enable saving of user-defined queries. therefore you have to run the DB-migration scripts 017 and 018 from migration/330-trunk.


  • testing
  • save the "simple" part as well i.e. the strings in the left part of the query-window, corresponding to the first tab of the popup-search.
  • intuitive behavior of the search-button / toggle? (what happens if a query is active on load of window?)

Stefan Kuthan, Christian Cerny


Favorites stored in groups on the right side of Menu panel contribution

If you like it, please cast your vote here: forum





Dashboard / graph package contribution

If you like it, please cast your vote here: forum

This is a really, really nice enhancement. I had the pleasure to see it first and i like it very much.