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Contributed by:
Quality Systems & Solutions - QSS Ltda.
Carlos Ruiz

Applicable for versions > 3.3.1b

NOTE: Temporarily you must enable beta in clients to view these windows

In order to make Adempiere ASP (now called SaaS or On-Demand) friendly it was implemented a way to show/hide specific functionality by client (tenant).

Configure Modules and Levels

Now you can define modules (i.e. Sales / Purchase / CRM / Accounting ...)

And for each module you can define levels (i.e. Beginner / Full ...)

Then you can define in a detailed way the functionalities "covered" by each level.

You can define the supported Windows, Tabs, Fields (optionally you can define to cover all the fields on a tab), Forms, Tasks, Process, Process Parameters and Workflows.

01 modules ASP.png

Subscribe Client to Level and configure Exceptions

Then you can define to which modules/levels a client is subscribed. And define specific client exceptions:

01 subscribe ASP.png

Define if Client use ASP

Finally you must define the client to use ASP functionality (just show subscripted functionalities):

WARNING: You must previously define the modules/levels and subscribe the client to a level - if you don't do that your menu will become empty

01 client ASP.png