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AdempiereERP, JDK and PostgreSQL Step by Step Installation Guide for Windows

contributed by VOSS Com (Virtual University (of Pakistan) Open Source Software Community)

VOSS Com AdempiereERP installation guide is a complete, comprehensive and sequential installation guide of AdempiereERP and its pre-requisites for Windows platform. The unique and prominent feature of this installation guide is that it has information to install all components or prerequisites of AdempiereERP in a single file.


JDK Installation

Download link:

Jdk link1.PNG

  • Select available version of JDK 5.0 (e.g JDK 5.0 update 17) and click the Download button as displayed above.

Jdk link2.PNG

  • Select the above options and click “Continue” button.

Jdk link3.PNG

  • Select the link and it will download the file to the system.

Jdk link4.PNG

  • When you will run JDK setup above license agreement window will open. Read and select “I accept the terms in the license agreement” and press next button.

Jdk link5.PNG

  • When user will select the next button after accepting the license agreement above ‘Custom Setup’ window will open where user can select different component which he wants to install, here user will simply press next button.

Jdk link6.PNG

  • Above window will open. Here setup will install selected JDK components.

Jdk link7.PNG

  • After installing the selected JDK components system will open above window where user can select JRE components which user wants to install. In our case user will simply select next button.

Jdk link8.PNG

  • Setup will open the above window, here user will select the desired options and will press next button.

Jdk link9.PNG

  • On this step setup will install the selected JRE components.

Jdk link10.PNG

  • After installing the selected JRE components, above setup completion dialog will open. User will press the ‘Finish’ button.

PostgreSQL Installation

Download link:


  • When user will run the PostgreSQL setup above window will open. User will press next button.


  • When user will select next button above installation Directory window will open. Here user will simply select next button.


  • After installation directory window system will open data directory window to specify the directory structure for postgresql data.


  • Now user will enter “postgres” as the password for database super user and service account.


  • Now user will enter the port number which will be used by the postgresql in our case it will be '5432'.


  • Now on the “Locale” user make no changes and will select next button.


  • Now setup is ready to start, simply select next button to install postgresql.


  • Installation started.


  • On completion of installation system will open the above window. Here user will simply uncheck “Launch Stack Builder at exit?” checkbox and select Finish button.

ADempiereERP Installation

Download link:

Before moving further you have to set the environment variables.

Setting Environment Variables

  • Right click on 'My Computer' and select properties.

Env var.PNG

  • System will open above window, here user will select ‘Advanced’ tab and will select ‘Environment Variables button.

New env var.PNG

  • When user will select environment variable button, 'Environment Variables' form will open. Now user will select new button in the 'System variables' group box.

Classpath var.PNG

  • Add new CLASSPATH variable and update the value '.;C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.5.0_17\lib;C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1. 5.0_17\jre\lib' as shown in above window.

Jre home.PNG

  • Add new JRE_HOME variable and enter the value 'C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_17' as shown in above window.

Java home.PNG

  • Add new JAVA_HOME variable and enter the value 'C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.5.0_17' as shown in above window.

Path var.PNG

  • Edit 'Path' variable and enter the value at the end of the string ';C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.5.0_17\bin;c:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\8.3\bin' as shown in above window.
  • After setting up environment variables user will start postgreSQL service from Start>Programs>PostgreSQL>Start service. Now user will run the script/file 'RUN_build.bat' from Adempiere/utils_dev/RUN_build.bat. This process will create installer files in the Adempiere/adempiere folder.

Run build.PNG

  • Now run the build script Adempiere/utils_dev/RUN_build.bat. Console window will open and show the build process activities.

Run build1.PNG

  • When the system will complete the build process it will terminate the console automatically or prompt (press any key to continue) and following files will be added to the Adempiere/install directory.
Adempiere.tar.gz – gzipped tar for linux installation 
Adempiere.tar.gz.MD5 – md5 checksum for the gzipped tar file – zipped file for windows installation – md5 checksum for the zipped file.
  • You can use gzipped, tar or zipped file in any environment by using the appropriate decompressing tool.
  • Now Uncompress Adempiere.tar.gz or to your directory for example 'C:\' and run the C:\Adempiere\RUN_Setup.bat to setup the Adempiere application server.

Run setup.PNG

  • When run the setup script the above console window will open to show the server installation progress.
  • The following server setup window will open for server configuration.

Server conf.PNG

  • System will open the above window for server configuration.

Server conf2.PNG

  • Here enter 'localhost' in the 'Database Server' field, select 'postgresql' in the 'Database Type' field and enter 'postgres' in 'DB Admin Password' field and press test button.

Server conf3.PNG

  • When user will select save button after entering server configurations details in the 'Adempiere Server Setup' setup will open 'Key Store Dialog' window user may just select 'OK' button or will enter the desired details in this window.

Server conf4.PNG

  • Now system will open 'License' window, user will select 'Yes', I understand and accept’ button after reading the details in the window.

Server conf5.PNG

  • When user will accept license system will open 'Adempiere Server Setup' message box indicating that the server setup is completed. User will simply select ok button.

Server conf6.PNG

  • When user will select ok button of the 'Adempiere Server Setup' message box setup will close the 'Adempiere Server Setup' window and above Install adempiere Server console window will show the progress.

Importing Database

  • The next step is importing the data to PostgreSQL database.
  • User will run 'C:\Adempiere\utils\RUN_ImportAdempiere.bat' to import initial adempiere database schema into the database.


  • When database schema will fully transferred to the postgresSQL DB, system will show the message 'press any key to continue...' in the console window.
  • The Installation of the ADempiereERP is completed.

Running ADempiereERP as Desktop Application

  • After Completing the Installation successfully, a shortcut icon is placed on the desktop. To run the desktop application double click that icon.

Server conf4.PNG

  • When user run adempiere client first time, license agreement window will open, Read and select ‘Yes, I Understand and accept’ button.


  • When user will accept the license above window will open. Now user will select 'PostgreSQL' in the 'Database Type' field and enter localhost in the 'Database Host' field and left the remaining field as they are and click 'Test Database'. If connection is successful then select 'ok' button.


  • When user will select ok button system will open the above 'Adempiere Login' window, here user will enter UserID 'GardenAdmin' and Password 'GardenAdmin' and select 'ok' button.

Login role.PNG

  • When user will select ok button of the 'Adempiere Login' window, system will open the above window where user will simply select the Role and other information and click 'Ok' button.


  • Now system will open the AdempiereERP application home page as shown above.

Main menu.PNG

  • Now to view the menu items user will select the 'Menu' tab of the AdempiereERP application window.

Running ADempiereERP as Web Application

  • Firstly run ADempiere server C:\Adempiere\utils\RUN_Server2.bat.

Run server.PNG

  • When user will run adempier server system will open the above window.

Run server2.PNG

  • When server is started system will show the time taken to start server. Now user can run ADempiereERP web application.
  • To run the Adempiere as a web application type http://RO4/admin in your browser. At the place of 'RO4' use your own computer name.

Web admin.PNG

  • Then select the Adempiere ZK webUI link.

Web login.PNG

  • Enter the default user ID “SuperUser” and password “System” and click the button.

Web login role.PNG

  • Select your role, client and organization and click OK button.

Web home.PNG

  • Above is the Home page of the project and through left side menu user can perform all kind of tasks.

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