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ADeV Chair - Metas Worked Only On Own Fork

  • This fork has clear rebranding as 'Fresh' which inadvertently removes other contributors' credit history.
  • Structure of folders changed making it difficult to merge any improvements back.
  • Metas, since taking over the chair of both council and ADempiere e.V, had made zero commits to the core ADempiere source-code, but kept 27 private repositories, by their own admission in the Berlin 2009 meeting.
  • Metas linked the ADeV council page to this project instead of maintaining the ADempiere project.
  • They clearly abandoned the Functional and Technical Committees they asked to be elected for.
  • They did not follow the rules they setup to have re-election every 2 years for 6 years since 2010. After expiring in 2012 they were reminded. After that non one cares to remind them.
  • Without working, they kept onto power quietly without announcing all these.

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