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How to make decisions within the project

The round table group discussed the topic of decision making within the Adempiere project. We discussed the legitimacy of the current voting system, and how this might improved so we can make fair, transparent and good decisions.

We discussed that we could understand the Adempiere Community as active members and passive members. Active members are have an ongoing involvement with the product, writing documentation, developing code, answering questions in the forums or writing wiki articles, providing administration or by other means. With respect to decision making, the round table group propose to the community to distinguish between active and passive members.

  • Michael and Norbert are asked to consolidate this information and to put up a proposal to the community for "How to take decisions". If you have comments or suggestions, please contact Norbert or Michael at the conference or via email.

Who is allowed to vote

  • Only Active Community Members have voting right and vote all positions within the project
  • To become a new active member the aspirant needs to be nominated by an active members and this nomination must be supported by two other active members. If these conditions are met a vote of all active members is being started and if there are more than 50% positive votes the aspirant becomes an active member
  • Guidelines for nominations are contributions to the project by the aspirant e.g. code, documentation, community work in forum, support, administration, content contribution, etc.
  • If an active member does not use their right to vote for two times they are being removed from their status and the mailing list. They can get promoted to an active member later on.

How to vote

  • All active Members are on a closed mailing list (adempiere-citizens)
  • Vote is being issued by email to the list and by answering with +1 (yes) or -1 (no)
  • A vote duration is one whole week (7 x 24 hours)
  • The result is being counted and send with numbers of yes and no votes to the list

Further Steps

We created a new page, Citizens which contains the people that are now the ones who are allowed to vote. These people are now adding more citizens by election to the list.

We have now formalised this proposal in the page Community which adds more details to this proposal.

The group voted to establish the first citizens from persons present at the conference, who had contributed significantly to the project. The people at the conference agreed by a show of hands the following people:

  • Red1
  • Victor Perez
  • Carlos Ruiz
  • Trifon Trofonov
  • Teo Sarca

We expect the group to expand rapidly to include all active contributors.

Decision Mindmap

Decision making.png

Releases and Trunk management

  • Carlos, Jörg, Victor and Mario
  • Having regular stable releases
  • all new functionality is in complete branches
  • functionality moves into release when stable
  • How to treat Installer, SF and VMWare

Decision regarding Libero

The question what to do with libero code has been an ongoing discussion for almost years now. We found an accepted solution at the conference that was agreed by all parties:

Treat Libero as an Extension and Fund it as an OSGI Plugin Project

  • Keep libero in Branch
  • Move necessary libero classes to trunk (Trifon, Carlos)
  • Integrate plugable accounting from Teo (Carlos, Teo)
  • Create a Libero.jar Extension (Victor, Teo)
  • Release together with ADempiere ()
  • Daily build using Hudson (metas)
  • Agreed by Carlos, Teo, Victor, Trifon and the audience

Improving Collaboration

After presentation of Norbert about improving collaboration a new page for feature development collaboration has been created.



SWOT Analysis Mindmap

ADempiere SWOT.png