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Introduction from the vice president of FHTW

A nice welcome by the vice president, he is welcoming us all and gives some background info about the university. It is located in the former East-Berlin. The university is founded in 1992 as a daughter of TFH, became independent in 1994. The univ has 4 major pilars, Engineering, Computing, Economics, Design. Each of this pilars has a number of main fields of pratice. The university is has 5 locations spread out in Berlin, which also means that traveling from the one to the headquartes takes more then an hour. They are also busy with building a new location, which should simplify a lot for the university.

Ajax client - Posterita

Talk session give by Frederic Tsang, a bit of a hold up in order to get the vnc working and such.

Rational Ajax

  • Application Service Provide
  • Remote access from outside the office
  • Easy deployment
  • Upgrades client easily done
  • Minimize security risks.

Technology Choice

  • Why ZK
    • Vibrant community and among the top projects in Sourceforge
    • Good framework and roadmap
    • Easy development
    • Swing

Technical Breaktrough

  • Adempiere structure
    • Model driven architecture
    • UI definition in DB
  • Adempiere WebUI beta
    • High code complexity
    • Try to replicate functionalities whereby previous mentioned frameworks has exceled.
  • The contect challenge
    • Env.getCtx() is static access to context and is referenced 1549 times in the MayDay release
    • Web is a multi-user environment and retrieving the context for a specific user is a real challenge.

Posterita has solved this problem with their webUI.

Code sample

General speaking ZK is much java alike,which makes transition easier for java developers.

Code sample will be filled in later, once the slides of the presentation are published.

Current Posterita Team

  • Ashley
  • Sendy - Developer
  • Hengsin - Developer

Current status

  • Most window features have been implemented
  • Zoom functionality Implemented
  • item missing couldn't type fast enough :)

Future work

  • Refactoring the Swing client and the ZK client to limit duplicate code
  • Remaining task to be done
    • Grid view
    • Search functionality
    • Processes
    • Reports

Quick Demonstration of Posterita

Flash based demo of Posterita, will be made available after the conference.


Posterita Point Of Sales (POS)

POS uses different technology, but still uses adempiere as back-end.

HR Module

Talk session give by Mahir Masala and Elvis Haracic from Human Resource @ ASA - Prevent Group. They also used Adempiere as a framework to implement their HR module.

About ASA Prevent Group

  • 18 organizations, 3000+ employees
  • 3 divisions
    • Production (5 production plants, carseats and bumpers)
    • Selling (8 organizations, exclusive importer of VW group)
    • Finance and services (5 organizations for insurance)


  • The module contains the standard functionality from adempiere, but has been expanded untill they reach more then 50 tables for Human Resources
  • Courses/Eductation sub-module
  • Vacations & Leaves sub-module
  • Competentions and NSP's sub-module
  • Goals and evaluations
  • Tons of reports

Still to do

  • Payroll integration
  • Financial integration
  • Workflows
  • Integration with Business Partners from adempiere


  • Localisation
  • Custom needs
  • Integration with Adempiere
    • Financial
    • Workflow
    • Project planning
    • Resources & Fixed Assets


Extra unscheduled Session - Call for interfaces

Talk session given by Jan Kantert - MC Marketing Company GmbH

J. Kantert learn a few minutes ago that somebody already implemented web service(SOAP) on Adempiere

Captured on our irc channel: Web Services on Adempiere == Adempiere on steroids.

MC Marketing Company GmbH

  • Low price retail company

Why Interfaces

  • Not everybody loves Java.
  • Implementation of wireless barcode scanners
  • Automated import/export
  • Connect Business Intelligence software

Demonstration of SOAP interface

Nothing has changed on the server side, which makes an easy deployment possible. Build by using Codehaus XFire.


Preparing for Global Expansion: challenges and opportunities

Talk session given by Joel Stangeland of Idalica Inc. (USA)

Joel Stangeland

Why is there so much demand

  • Internet Market enables even the smallest companies to use the globe as market place
  • ERP is now an option for most companies, which wasn't the case when there was no opensource/free ERP software, and we all know how expensive SAP is.


  • Not enough people involved
  • Learning Curve, needs no further talk :)
  • Keeping developers who get trained


  • Training and Mentoring would include the following items
Awarded for excellent work
    • Business Development
    • Implementation
    • Technical
    • Ideas?
  • Documentation
    • Need to make it easier to get started
    • Easier to find stuff
    • Ideas?
  • Rewarding Contributions
    • Project work
    • Marketplace - Adempierebusiness
    • Ideas?

Lunch break

The conference will now be split in 2 rooms, room one will have a workshop about the german localisation and room two will have a workshop about security and privacy. Since I don't speak german I will only cover the workshop about security and privacy.

Security and Privacy Workshop

Talk session by Timo Kontro

Security should be a very important issue for everybody, if one should ask them self the question on how important security is. Most would answer that is very important to them.

Should we publish security holes? And where should we publish them.

What is important and what is the priority of a security issue?

What is the point of publishing them if nobody reacts to it, what is the point of hidding issue when no one is able to see them.

Publishing security issues should be handle with a lot of caution, since our customers depend on how good or bad our security.

How did we manage security issues in the past, for those who don't know we already had a major security issue with the database password being shown in the preferences. Which did mean that every client could get the password.

One of the problems regarding the security is how we are going to handle security issues? The commit committee(CC) has decided that somebody should take the role of head of security. The CC suggested that Timo Kontro should take this role, which he accepted.

Discussion about who we are going to publish and more important which details are going to be published.

Business Development

Talk session given by Donald Ladwig from Idalica Inc.

ADempiere Community

  • Developers (Technical Focus)
  • Users (Functional Focus - ADempiere User Group)
  • System Integrators (Technical and Functional)

ADempiere User Group

For most users the interface of sourceforge is too intimidating or too technical. Some user don't even dare to ask questions on a forum because they are scared to get flamed.

System Integrators

There should be some sort of certification on the system integrators.

Private forums or not

One of the challenge is how open/closed do we have to be, a complete open forum for partners and customers is something which many customers/partners will object to. It is not about sharing information, it is more about business who want to protect their assets. Most of the time it is the customer who forces you to close up certain information.

Frederick Tsang suggested of setting up a social network to tackle this problem.

Examples of ADempiere implementations

Project Paradigm

Adempiere Foundation

Talk about ADempiere to FHTW Students