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Available Testing Servers

URL Database currently maintainde by Note
FUNCTIONAL http://asds2.adempiere.de:8080/webui/ PostgreSQL-9.0.4 Tobi
FUNCTIONAL http://asds3.adempiere.de:8080/webui/ Oracle 11gR2 XE beta Dirk Niemeyer
PLANNED http://asds4.adempiere.de:8080/webui/ MySQL-5.1.49 Trifon Trifonov

Guildlines for setting up and maintaining an ADeV ADempiere testing instance (DRAFT)

Reasons for this guidelines

Testing servers should be set up in a similar way in order to

  • minimize maintenance cost
  • allow different TT members to maintain a particular server, without first having to become an expert for it first
  • allow the rollout from jenkins in a similar manner for all different testing servers

General Software

  • The ADeV-Instances run with Debian-Squeeze.
  • Apart from ADempiere inteself, all packages are installed using Debian's package manager (apt)


  • There is a dedicated user "adempiere" with /home/adempiere as home directory
  • The ADempiere-Server runs with the privileges of the user adempiere
  • The ADempiere-Server is located in /home/adempiere/server, i.e. ADEMPIERE_HOME=/home/adempiere/server/Adempiere
  • To start and stop the ADempiere-server, the init-script ADEMPIERE_HOME/utils/unix/adempiere_Debian.sh is adapted and installed to /etc/init.d/adempiere

Rollout and dump scripts

  • To perform the db-reset, rollout, application of migration scripts, and creation of dump, the scripts located at http://adempiere.hg.sourceforge.net/hgweb/adempiere/contribution_adev_ci_rollout/ are used
  • The repository is cloned to /home/adempiere and a softlink points from /home/adempiere/scripts to /home/adempiere/contribution_adev_ci_rollout
  • The scripts are divided into general parts and host specific parts. The host specific parts are located in script files (libraries) named tools.sh in a subdirectory named after the host (e.g. asds2/tools.sh)
  • ADeV provides those scripts, with empty function bodies (unless an implementation already exists). The maintainer of a testing instance is responsible for the actual implementation
  • The AdempiereEnv.properties file to be used for a specific instance needs to be added to the hostname directory (e.g. asds2/AdempiereEnv.properties). It is copied to ADEMPIERE_HOME by the rollout script (general part) during the rollout

ssh and sudo

  • In order to allow the adempiere user to start and stop adempiere for rollout, the instance must have sudo installed. The instance's sudoers file needs to have these entries
adempiere ALL=(root)NOPASSWD: /etc/init.d/adempiere start
adempiere ALL=(root)NOPASSWD: /etc/init.d/adempiere stop
  • The following public key needs to be placed in the adempiere user's authorized_keys file to allow the jenkins user to log in as adempiere
ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDNvN11ztbigqSBTftkOvCKDyuoPG9EUVi72j4UZhU0hXcl2Kyve84bwhen1EkZ2u/HbAXwVXcFZ5kL6raH5yC+hxwAjJgs2Xh+LotgpaUMJxwtVHSdgXlSI9tAlr8W+rRrNnehpNdQp88XgY6M52xV8jUJg+i3nsetpFbywFWZFaliBKHNH3t1D/tabyWPQsLVlRLMhCcJYDSrGpjGmT7SZkFybyiXE4+Z/zhlgLabBn/1TAaDvktrpr4OakMee94wTp6ONbgBDuXxb9t0N0eYNL3FjT1ZRga2dft38it5KpYyR5nZbJmMvLyCXImuXtIR1c6XU8ul5GTcfI37p69b jenkins@asds1.adempiere.de
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