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== Create new window ==
== Create new window ==
== Add Table: "" ==
== Add Table: "" ==

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GPL v2 - the same as ADempiere.

Project Team

Functional Specifications





  • Functionality One - In Progress.


Functionality One

Currently in ADempiere GridView mode for every table users can re-arrenge columns, each column can be hidden/shown. Unfortunately this configuration is not persisted, so when user close the window it is lost. Aim of this development is to allow users to persist their preferences.

  • Each User would be able to hide/show colums & move (position left right) the columns in grid mode.

Many of these configurations could be saved so that in record view, the user would right click on toggle button and have a choice of the saved configs. If the user left clicks, the last used config is taken.

  • Deleting of the saved configurations should be like in the advanced search (from the window - not only from the admin side).

Application Dictionary changes

Create new window

File:0-Menu .jpg

Add Table: ""


    • Fields: Value, Name, Description, Help, ...
    • Samples: (850 PO, 810 Invoice)


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