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Name This user real name is : Trifon Nikolaev Trifonov
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About Me

I started my own comapny last year providing Adempiere and Compiere consultancy and development. I like developing business systems. This makes me headache from tme to time, but also makes me very happy when i see system wokring.

As a member of ADempiere Council i like to review patches and SVN commits in order to be sure that code remains stable and system functional. I hope that you have found that i like to help in forums and provide guidance to ADempiere developers how to solve problems they find in their day by day work.

Trifon's Paid Services

Need urgent advice for your Adempiere implementation or need to talk with experienced Adempiere developer - call now to get friendly help. Ask for Trifon. 0.80 euro per minute

Use Skype to call now.

More info about skype prime

Adempiere trackers

Submited by Trifon and Assigned to Trifon

Assigned to Trifon

Adempiere contributions

Functionality Contributions

  • Restrict form "Generate Invoices (manual)" to show only public records (hide locked records) BUG - 1713337
  • Restrict form "Generate Shipments (manual)" to show only public records (hide locked records) BUG - 1713317

Planned Contributions

Interesting bugs/patches

My favourite readings