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Technical Specifications



  • Tasks:
    • Collect the new clean ant files written by the "Swiss Guys" from Metux
    • Define modules based on relations in the ant files
    • Define work packages and who is responsible to which package
    • Define project coordinator
    • Collect money and/or resources for doing this effort
    • Define time schedule together with TT and FT for organize the switch to maven build process
    • Prepare training for all developers who don't know about maven building philosophy and how it works in the ADempiere world


  • Feature Request: #3403603 "Mavenize ADempiere" [1]



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Branch code

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  • Branch name is FR3403603_mavenize

Roadmap Document

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Functionality / Feature Status Developer Priority Milestone Release Date Summary
New Functionality
Functionality 1 Pending Victor Perez High Version No -- Draft
* Functionality 2 Pending Victor Perez High Version No -- Draft


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Migration Script

Install Step

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